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ShareFile® named a top collaboration choice for SMBs

April 03, 2023


ShareFile was selected by PC Pro Magazine to the PC Pro A-List, a hand-picked selection of the best technology for cloud file sharing and collaboration. ShareFile received 5 out of 5 for cloud file sharing and collaboration, noting “a top collaboration choice for SMBs.”


The guide highlighted that the first differentiation point to consider when reviewing a vendor, is how they address your business-specific needs versus consumer-centric products which often come with limitations. With ShareFile, the client experience is at the forefront of all features, ensuring it is efficient, secure and streamlined for the employee to manage. An advantage the article notes is “cloud file sharing can provide staff with secure ways of sharing documents and collaborating with colleagues and partners on projects in real-time no matter where they’re located.” 


Client Portal


A common pain point buyers are seeking to address is the challenge of collecting information from clients and storing documents on local computers. This extends to the client side and the ability to gain access to important documents without waiting for email correspondence. These use cases are detrimental to the customer experience. Dave Mitchell, contributing editor of PC Pro Magazine, notes, “a personal web portal allows users to work with documents shared only in the cloud, so nothing is stored locally.” With ShareFile, you can utilize the client portal feature. A secure client portal is the best way to provide your clients with a great user experience when sharing sensitive files and documents with your business. Ensuring a seamless client experience is important, as it helps set you apart from the competition and lays the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.


Email Integration


A key feature Dave Mitchell notes to look for is email integration. “For greater email integration, consider providers that offer plugins for desktop apps such as Outlook. These add extra icons to the upper ribbon menu that link up directly with your user account for quickly sending attachment download links, with some also providing facilities for creating encrypted emails.” With ShareFile, you can utilize the email plugin for Microsoft Outlook (5:00).


Another callout highlights how a simple act of emailing a document turns into a cumbersome experience for clients. An easy remedy is through a product like ShareFile. “Cloud file sharing neatly overcomes attachment size limitations imposed by many email providers, as it means you can securely send large files by creating a web link from your personal web” notes Dave Mitchell. Learn more about sending large files.


Secure Collaboration


The guide noted “encryption of data prior to transmission and in their data centres” is a must have for cloud file storage. ShareFile protects data in transit and at rest with bank-level encryption. Two-factor authentication and single sign-on prevent unauthorized access without impeding productivity. Read more about other security benefits here. This extends to the client experience too. A callout in the article highlights the benefit to providing a secure digital portal for client users.  “When users sign up, they provide a new password and receive a personal web portal to manage their private and shared files.”


ShareFile’s malware scan also earned a callout. “Responses to infected files are prompt: after we uploaded malware samples to a shared folder, access to all file actions was blocked and ShareFile alerted us by email in 25 seconds.” Learn more about secure data access through ShareFile.


With ShareFile, you can work easily with people both inside and outside your organization. Sign up for a free trial to experience the features first hand.