ShareFile® for legal departments

Reach your peak productivity with a solution that frees legal teams to focus on strategy.

Designed to help legal work flow

Legal departments have endless document-related to-dos. Our solution is designed to streamline workflows so you can focus on your most important work.

Maximize your time

Launch automated workflows to handle repetitive tasks. Spend less time manually collecting signatures — and more time on high-value projects.

More security, less stress

Securely manage large amounts of confidential data without taking extra steps. Built-in security features allow you to focus on the work, not how to protect it.

Exchange files freely and securely

Easily create, share, and edit files with internal and external users on multiple projects. Your collaborative work is protected by advanced security.

Integrate with your favorite tools

ShareFile connects beautifully with the most popular workplace tools.

Microsoft 365

Integrate ShareFile with Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, OneDrive, and more to create effortless document collaboration.

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Google Workspace

Integrate with Google Drive and Gmail for simple, secure link sharing.

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Simplify agreement signing and enhance client experience with QuickBooks integration.

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Integrated lead management to automate onboarding with ShareFile.

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Zapier effortlessly integrates ShareFile with over 4,000 applications.

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