Secure sign-ins that won’t get in the way of work

Advanced authentication features designed to make security simple and build trust with clients.

Trusted logins

ShareFile® secures your data and documents with password policies, account lockdowns, MFA, and other authentication methods.

Hello easy, goodbye exposure

Lost passwords have no power over your data — not with ShareFile’s options for authentication. Focus on tasks that matter with security layers you don’t have to tinker with.

Support compliance and peace of mind

ShareFile lets you decide who can access your confidential information with controls that support regulatory requirements.

User authentication features that keep you in control

Password protection

Set expirations and requirements for length, letter, number, and character combinations.

Open authorization

Users with OAuth sign in faster and data stays secure.

Multi-factor authentication

Validate identities with one-time codes, tokens, SSO, and other MFA methods.

Single sign-on

Pair with any identity provider that supports SAML 2.0.

Lockout policies

Lock out a user after too many failed login attempts.

Device security

Remotely lock and wipe encrypted ShareFile data from a lost or stolen device.

“We’re very diligent about transferring and maintaining client data securely, and ShareFile’s reputation lends a lot of credibility to the level of security we provide to our clients.”

Tim Knight

Vice President of Operations, INVO PEO

"It’s a single place to work. We can set up the structure so everyone can see what they need, and nobody can see what they shouldn’t.”

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer

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Control who has access to sensitive data while securely sharing documents.

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Protect sensitive data so you can work the way you want without sacrificing security.

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We’re designed to support your compliance needs.

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