Built for compliance, designed for ease

At ShareFile®, seamless work and supporting compliance go hand-in-hand. Our solution is designed for highly regulated industries that need flexible document workflows.

Straightforward security that won’t tie you down

Protect your files and folders with advanced security features you don’t have to turn on or double-check. Our solution gives you security and flexibility to create and share files.

Take the guesswork out of meeting regulatory requirements

Support your compliance standards with a solution built with HIPAA, SEC and FINRA regulations in mind. Our security certifications include:

• SOC 2 type 2
• ISO 27001
• ISO 27701

Features that keep compliance in check

Link generation

Flexible hyperlinks are uniquely generated using strong authentication codes.

Legally-binding e-signatures

Native e-signature technology helps you meet requirements by capturing legal signatures.

Data encryption

Data encryption protects your sensitive information with advanced security.

Data access control

Control who has access to sensitive files while securely sharing documents.

User authentication

Prevent unauthorized access to your data and documents.

End-to-end protection

Files stay protected, whether they’re at rest or in transit.

Regulatory compliance support FAQs

    How are my documents secured when uploaded and downloaded?

    ShareFile uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), an advanced security protocol that provides end-to-end protection for client authentication and authorization. Your data is also safeguarded with up to 256-bit encryption — one of the most secure encryption algorithms available today — depending on your web browser capabilities. 


    Additional measures include securely configured firewalls, redundant storage, and file backup.

    How are my documents secured during transfer?

    In addition to TLS protocols and industry standards for up to 256-bit encryption, ShareFile also uses a hashed message authentication code (HMAC) and secret key to protect data in transit and prevent tampering. Each ShareFile download link is randomly generated using these strong hash-based message authentication codes, and technical countermeasures block bad actors from guessing codes.

    How is my data protected when stored in ShareFile?

    ShareFile uses cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, that are certified with SOC1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 data centers. That means they're specifically designed to meet strict standards for protecting sensitive information like PHI.

    Do ShareFile e-signatures meet E-SIGN Act and UETA requirements?

    Yes. ShareFile’s e-signature technology is designed to address the requirements for enforceable electronic signatures under both the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). That means any electronic signatures you collect with ShareFile that aren’t exempt are legally valid and carry the same legal weight as their pen-and-paper counterparts.

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    Protect sensitive data so you can work the way you want without sacrificing security.

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    Prevent unauthorized access to your data and documents.

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    Control who has access to sensitive data while securely sharing documents.

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