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Transform workflows with new ShareFile™ for accounting features

May 30, 2024

By Stacy Shrader, Lead Product Marketing Manager


The accounting profession is constantly evolving, and at ShareFile, we’re working to help firms and accounting professionals elevate the client experience. We know it’s hard to manage ever-increasing client expectations, especially when there are so many hurdles to overcome around day-to-day tasks that get in the way of the work that matters most for accountants. 


In a ShareFile survey, 56% of accounting firms said that time-consuming, manual administrative work is a leading challenge. And nearly half of CPAs said managing clients or firm capacity are the biggest challenges their firm faced in 2023. 


This is where we come into the picture: ShareFile is designed for accounting pros and transforms the way accountants manage their work so they can deliver great client experiences.  



We are excited to announce new functionalities that help to address these manual tasks and other common inefficiencies that get in the way of providing the experience clients expect. These new ShareFile capabilities offer: 


  • Tailored tools to drive efficiency in your firm 
  • Frictionless and seamless client engagements 
  • User-friendly security that protects your data and clients 





Tailored tools to drive efficiency in your firm


Firms can boost efficiency around accounting processes with technology that’s ready to use in ShareFile. We believe if you can repeat it, you can automate it. Key functionality that will help improve efficiency in your firm include: 


  • Solutions (beta): Our purpose-built solutions are designed to help streamline every engagement for start to finish. ShareFile solutions are tailor-made to facilitate seamless end-to-end use cases for core accounting processes. The first accounting solution – U.S. Individual Income Tax Return – is now in beta and streamlines client document management for federal individual tax processes, from onboarding clients to compiling documents for the return. 
  • Templates: Tame your tedious tasks with templates designed to help complete engagements and PBC lists faster. Choose from the pre-built templates in our catalog or create your own. 
  • Document automation: Minimize manual data entry across tools with automation that auto-fills data into agreements from key CRM systems such as Salesforce. 
  • Key technology integrations: Remove tedious app switching by routing client documents directly into accounting software automatically with integrations like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero. 



“ShareFile takes the guess work out of client work,” said Nicole Davis, CEO of Butler-Davis Tax & Accounting LLC. “Not every firm is tech savvy or has the staff to manage or build efficiencies for their firm, so ShareFile has done it for them. With the built-in automation and ready-to-use templates in solutions, you can spend less time gathering documents & getting a client onboarded and more time in client advisory."



Frictionless and seamless client engagements 


ShareFile is optimized for client satisfaction with an easy-to-use client portal that provides a central, secure location to collaborate during engagements. In this release, ShareFile has made:


  • Client portal enhancements: ShareFile makes it even easier for clients to view tasks in their portal and act quickly like submitting PBC list documents or completing a digital information request. 


User-friendly security that protects your data and clients 


Great security shouldn’t get in the way of your work. Complex security processes can cause staff to cut corners with data handling procedures and can actually lead to potential threats. 


Our deep experience in both security and the profession has broken down these barriers to deliver world-class security without the complexity. Key functionalities that will help strengthen your security include: 


  • AI share recommender: AI-powered share link setting recommendations automatically guide staff to secure protocols, helping mitigate firm-wide vulnerabilities that can come with file sharing. 
  • Automated threat remediation: Reduce your firm’s cybersecurity risk with proactive threat detection and automated remediation that helps you prevent data breaches. 



“ShareFile is dedicated to understanding the core processes of accounting firms and identifying their key challenges,” said Nayo Carter-Gray, CEO of 1st Step Accounting. “Their new and existing capabilities are helping firms work more efficiently and effectively.”



We’re just getting started 


At ShareFile, we’re focused on constantly innovating around core accounting workflows so we can help accounting pros everywhere exceed client expectations. 


The new features are now available to all existing and new users of ShareFile Premium. Solutions, including the U.S. Individual Income Tax Return solution, are available as a beta release with access limited to ShareFile Premium customers. Specific pricing and packaging for solutions will be announced upon general availability. Additional terms and conditions may apply. 


Learn more about ShareFile for accounting and get started today.