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What’s new in ShareFile: June 2024

June 13, 2024

By Stacy Shrader, Lead Product Marketing Manager


Welcome to our first "What’s new in ShareFile" blog post. This quarterly roundup will give you a regular look at the latest innovations and enhancements in ShareFile.


We’re constantly adding new features and enhancements to ShareFile to help your organization accelerate the efficiency of its workflows; deliver just what your clients need; and boost security and compliance so you can collaborate with confidence.


ShareFile has many exciting updates in the pipeline for 2024, and this quarterly blog series (and accompanying webinar) will be your one-stop shop to ensure you’re up to date and getting the most out of your ShareFile experience.


Here’s what’s new for the most recent quarter:


Designed for efficiency

Enable seamless document-centric workflows in one place. The simplicity, organization, and increased visibility ShareFile enables can help improve time to service and reduce disparate processes.


Feature: Information requests



What it does: Streamline and centralize information collection, like during client onboarding, with digital intake forms in the project functionality in ShareFile



  • Standardization: Access standardized questionnaires based on industry best practices, ensuring consistency in your data collection. Creators can also tailor questionnaires to specific client needs and company policies.
  • Time saving: Reduce the time you spend collecting client information through in-person meetings, emails, and PDF forms.
  • Enhanced client experience: With ShareFile, you can provide clients with structured forms tailored to their industry, improving the overall onboarding experience.
  • Data centralization: Store collected information directly in ShareFile, simplifying access for team members and enhancing collaboration.


Feature: Data tables




What it does: Data tables in ShareFile projects offer an efficient alternative to traditional data organization tools. Improve productivity and centralize visibility for managing tasks, time, and notes in one place.



  • Efficiency and consolidation: By integrating back-office functions into ShareFile, service providers can streamline workflows, saving time and reducing errors associated with using multiple tools.
  • Unified view: Accessing client-related data from disparate systems within ShareFile provides a consolidated view, enhancing productivity and decision-making.
  • Customization: The ability to create and customize data tables allows for tailored use cases, empowering users to adapt ShareFile to their unique needs.


Feature: Project enhancements — custom permissions and document request lists due date reminders and item level assignment




What it does: Granular permission control in projects enable who can view, edit, delete, or download a file, document request list Item, project, task, or comment.


Automatic reminders, both in-app and email, are sent to client users in document request lists for open items. In addition, users can assign individual document request list items to other users if there are multiple clients needed on the same document list collection.



  • Secure, flexible collaboration: Improve collaboration and efficiency with granular control at the user level that won’t disrupt the flow of collaboration or create extra steps for you to get the visibility and security you need.
  • Keep clients engaged: With automatic reminders, you will spend less time manually reminding clients to upload documents.
  • Simplify complex collaboration: Get documents back faster by giving clients the visibility and transparency around who should take which actions when.


Feature: Templates



What it does: Templates are pre-built resources in ShareFile that serve as starting points for various tasks or projects. They offer a structured framework that users can customize to meet specific needs and requirements. ShareFile includes templates for projects, tasks, data tables, and document request lists.



  • Streamlined processes: Templates simplify workflow management, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks and projects efficiently.
  • Customization: With templates, users can tailor templates to align with their unique business processes and preferences, fostering greater flexibility and adaptability.
  • Standardization: With standardized templates, businesses can deliver consistent and professional processes to support an enhanced client experience.


Feature: File export integrations




What it does: Users can export files with fewer steps from within a project or a folder directly to a third-party solution. This saves users time and reduces potential errors from manual file transfers. ShareFile currently has integrations with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks.



  • Efficiency: Integrated file transfer simplifies data exchange between ShareFile and third-party platforms, boosting operational efficiency and saving time for users.
  • Error reduction: Automated file transfers minimize the risk of errors that come with manual processes, supporting data accuracy and reliability across systems.
  • Time Savings: Users experience significant time savings because the integration automates data transfer processes. This eliminates the need for manual typing and enhances overall workflow efficiency.


Feature: Document automation with auto-fill



What it does: Create, manage, and send document templates that can auto-fill data from local or third-party apps to reduce document preparation time before sending for signature.



  • Speed up repetitive agreement workflows: Create templates for recurring agreements and send for signature faster and with no hassles.
  • Save time: Simplify and fast-track repetitive documents such as agreements, invoices, and proposals
  • Create professional error-free agreements: Automate document pre-filled data into agreements like client information, and pre-fill data from third-party integrations like Salesforce to minimize human errors and improve the quality of your workflows.


Just what you need

With ShareFile, you can configure and customize your document workflows to fit seamlessly into the way your staff and clients prefer to work.


Feature: Solutions: U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (beta)



What it does: We build ShareFile solutions to support core accounting processes. The first accounting solution — the U.S. Individual Income Tax Return — is now in beta and streamlines client document management for federal individual tax processes, from onboarding clients to compiling documents for the return.



  • Centralize: All your document-heavy processes are in one place — ShareFile — simplifying client collaboration and ensuring easy visibility into status.
  • Consolidate your tech: With ShareFile, you don’t need separate document request list, digital form builder, and e-signature tools, reducing your costs and tech stack complexity.
  • Purpose-built automated workflows: Automations for the tax process eliminates manual touchpoints, accelerating accelerates service time.


Built secure and compliant

Intuitive security automation from ShareFile can help your organization reduce security risks effortlessly and foster stronger data security processes and behaviors, without adding complexity.


Feature: AI-powered secure share recommender



What it does: AI automations recommend optimal share settings to help you keep sensitive data secure when sharing documents.



  • Enhanced intuitive security: Users are automatically prompted to apply stricter share settings when PII is detected in a document, helping ensure staff secures sensitive data.
  • Compliance assurance: ShareFile helps firms maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR by guiding users toward secure sharing practices.
  • Streamlined workflow: Automatically determining the appropriate share settings saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error, improving overall efficiency.


Feature: Automated threat remediation



What it does: Automatically take action if ShareFile detects a security threat on the account.



  • Proactive and automated action: When a threat is identified, ShareFile proactively executes predetermined actions (like a password reset) to mitigate risk.
  • Always-on posture: With automated remediation capabilities, teams have the tools they need to keep data secure without manually monitoring dashboards.


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