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New survey finds accountants face challenges, are optimistic

November 14, 2023


What does the future of accounting look like in the coming year?


That question was the catalyst for our in-depth accounting survey and final report, “Automation: putting accounting on the right path.” 


As ShareFile grows in verticalized markets like accounting, it was important for us to discover and share what professionals really think about their industry. For accountants, this knowledge is equally crucial. Understanding the broader sentiment within the profession can help firms and departments create improved strategies for technology. 


What we discovered and shared in the final report might surprise you.



Accounting report cover



Download the report for a look into:


  • Why – despite feeling satisfied –accountants still have concerns about the industry 


  • How accountants feel about new technology, like AI and automation


  • What issues continue to hold accountants back from doing their best work


  • Where human-driven, client-focused services belong in a tech-first environment



Download the report



Study Methodology


Our findings are based on a robust survey conducted by a third-party consulting firm, comprising responses from 303 accounting professionals. This diverse group, split between those working in firms and in-house at corporations, offers a comprehensive view of the accounting landscape. 



Making work flow easier for accountants


If your team is craving more automation to improve your document workflows, consider ShareFile for Accounting. Our solution gives you the tools you need to improve service delivery, giving you and your clients one tool to work from.