Secure data access

Prevent unauthorized data access or disclosure

Provide robust protection for employee and client data

Employees and clients count on you to keep their data safe and confidential. That’s especially critical with cyber attacks on the rise. And as hacking gets easier, data protection grows more challenging. Exposure can put you at risk of damaged relationships and reputation, non-compliance with government regulations, and financial losses. 

ShareFile helps you earn and maintain the trust of employees and clients by preventing unauthorized disclosure or access to their data. Secure portals, enterprise-grade email encryption, and complete visibility help you maintain strict security standards while allowing authorized users to access files with a simple, convenient experience from any device and location. 

Apply data access controls 

Specify who can view, print, edit, and share documents wherever they’re stored. Role-based access control and seamless integration with your company directory simplifies authentication and user provisioning. For a higher level of control, you can block access based on the user’s network location, limit the number of times someone can upload or download a file, and revoke access instantly in case sensitive information is sent to the wrong person. 

Protect your company’s devices and data 

Keep files under control in today’s work-anywhere world. By requiring passcodes to view content, you can prevent illicit access via an unattended device in a public location. To further limit exposure, lock devices that aren’t in use, apply data expiration policies, and wipe files remotely from lost or stolen devices.  

Gain visibility into your mobile data 

Spot vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of data leakage with real-time user activity tracking. Custom reporting makes it simple to meet company data policies and compliance requirements. 

Unified security across your content environment

Maintain control more easily with a single solution across storage locations, devices, and user networks. ShareFile goes beyond password protection and private email servers to mitigate content risk wherever and however data is accessed.

Visibility and control for IT, employees, and clients

Provide granular access to folders and storage connectors while keeping track of exactly who’s accessing what. It’s simple to create policies and reports to control and monitor user activities, while audit and oversight tools aid compliance and help prevent data leakage with detailed insights on usage, storage, and sharing activities.

With ShareFile, employees can take an active role in security by requiring recipients to log in to a valid account to download a file. Download link expiration dates and limits on downloads per user helps keep sensitive documents from being accessible longer or more widely than they should. 

Limit the spread of malware

Reduce risk and protect users by automatically quarantining files containing malicious content. Admins get detailed alerts and visibility to respond quickly to the threat. With fast scan response times to catch ransomware and other threats before they spread, clients and employees can upload and collaborate on any file type and size without worrying about the danger of infection. 

Data protection and encryption

Keep company data safe in trusted cloud infrastructure and SSAE 16 Type II-certified data centers. Integration with third-party data loss prevention (DLP) systems like Symantec, McAfee, and Forcepoint products helps you identify files that contain sensitive information, arrange files based on content, and enforce secure content sharing. 

Integration with cloud access security brokers (CASB)

Migrate data to the cloud without compromising visibility or security. With ShareFile, on-prem DLP integrations are complemented by integrations with leading cloud access security brokers (CASB) solutions that provide security monitoring, access controls, and DLP from the cloud for comprehensive protection across hybrid environments. 

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