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To give clients and customers quick and easy access to documents through cloud-based file-sharing, you need client portal software. A secure client portal provides a personalized and flexible solution to collaborate with stakeholders from outside your organization. With enterprise-level security features, ShareFile’s client portal software is the perfect way to safely share and comment on ongoing client projects.

Collaborate on projects with a client file sharing portal

A secure client portal is the best way to provide your clients with a great user experience when sharing files with your business. Making your business easy to work with is important, as it helps set you apart from the competition and lays the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Using a personalized client file sharing portal, you can share a secure link with outside partners that lets everyone collaborate on projects by accessing and editing documents in real time.

ShareFile’s client portal software can be fully personalized and branded. By adding your business logo and color scheme to the portal, you can create a professional look to your secure file sharing area—giving your client the best possible impression of your company. What’s more, this personalization only takes a few minutes to set up.

Communicate simply with our secure client portal

Whether you’re working with one or one hundred clients, keeping track of communications can be hard work. Inboxes are often full, attachments can be forgotten, and emails can be deleted by accident. Often you’ll find yourselves discussing revisions of a document, only to discover that you’re looking at completely different versions. ShareFile’s client portal software makes it easy to ensure you and your clients always stay on the same page.

Secure client file sharing made easy

Offering a simple, single point of access, clients and customers will always be one click away from the files they need. You’ll retain full control over what they can access, meaning that you can leave out unnecessary and confidential information, such as internal notes about the client. Instead of cluttering up client’s inboxes, they can just follow the link you provide them to get immediate access. This allows you to share the latest version of documents and ensure clients are kept up to date. And because you’ll receive unlimited, complementary client accounts, you can collaborate with as many clients as you want without extra cost.

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A client file sharing portal that exceeds expectations

Providing your client with tools and processes that work is of vital importance. ShareFile can give you a professional looking solution to ensure your client relationship hits the ground running. Using ShareFile’s secure client portal avoids the frustration and wasted time of prolonged email chains by giving clients 24/7 access to the things they need. This helps your business exceed client expectations.

Whether you’re working in different places, time zones or on different days, being able to access important documents and not wait for email correspondence is a game-changer. No more picking up the phone to ask for a file, getting lost in a series of emails, or frustratingly waiting for a reply. Plus, if you need important documents signed quickly, you can use ShareFile’s e-signature software to do it all online.

Watch your business grow with ShareFile

More efficiency in your dealings with clients means more growth for your business. You can add an unlimited number of client accounts with no additional costs, meaning that you won’t be held back as your company grows. Whether you’re starting from humble beginnings or jumping on board with a large corporation, ShareFile can be a part of your success. Our personalized client document portal software is all part of the package that ShareFile offer to take you to the next level.

ShareFile also shows your clients you’re embracing a modern, secure way to handle your files and collaboration. Rather than relying on outdated filesharing methods like thumb drives, fax, CDs, or physical delivery, offering a custom-branded client filesharing portal is faster, easier, and more secure. This shows your clients and partners you’re a forward-thinking, tech-savvy company that takes advantage of ShareFile’s advanced features:

Make client file sharing simple and easy

When you secure a new client, the last thing you need is to experience problems with file sharing and communication. ShareFile simplifies this using our client file sharing portal. With a customized and personalized look to your portal, you can make a great first impression with clients old and new.

Take a look at the options that are open to you, and get in touch to find out how ShareFile could be the email solution for your business.  

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