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3 ways ShareFile® can elevate client collaboration

March 01, 2023


If you’re a seasoned ShareFile user, then you probably know the ins-and-outs on how to utilize the best-in-class document management functionalities—like its unlimited storage with configurable permissions, secure file sharing, and document collaboration. However, have you untapped it’s additional value to improve your client collaboration?


Ensuring your clients are engaged during the service lifecycle can not only speed up your service time but also offer a great client experience that promotes client retention. In fact, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience—proving the importance and focus that should be given to client-based processes.


With ShareFile, you can start adapting your tedious client collaboration processes to more efficient client-focused workflows. Discover ways you can use ShareFile to collaborate with clients more effectively: 


1. Optimizing Signature Workflows
Acquiring client signatures is an essential process to conducting business in a service-based industry like legal, accounting, or finance. This process happens every day in organizations, but they are likely some of the slowest, inefficient processes that exist in the client lifecycle. From paper-based signatures, to scanning documents, and to emailing back and forth—signature workflows can add significant lead times and low-value admin work to the lifecycle.


With ShareFile, you can make signature workflows more efficient and seamless with it's integrated e-signature functionality. Not only is e-signature legally binding, but it holds the same security caliber as ShareFile’s data security standards and allows you to send unlimited documents for signature.


By implementing ShareFile e-signature workflows in your client workflows, you can:

  • Reduce costs. Save significant costs on paper-based signing, like printing, paper, and postage.
  • Save time. Cut out time spent on tedious paper workflows like time in-person signing, scanning the documents, uploading the documents, and back and forth unsecure emailing.
  • Improve efficiency. With a unified solution, you can documents for signature in ShareFile and it  automatically saves completed agreements (1:25) back to the same folder with no extra work.
  • Keep things moving automatically. Automated reminders help keep clients on schedule without the need to send manual-follow ups, speeding up the time to sign and transaction times and saving valuable time for staff.


2. Accelerating Client Onboarding 
Signing a client agreement is a critical step in onboarding clients to start a service. This repetitive action is usually the first step in kickstarting the service, however, it’s often impeded by miscommunication, missed deadlines, and disparate workflows. This results in a poor experience for clients and wasted time and resources, as well as lost revenue.


With ShareFile, you’re able to optimize this process with accelerated onboarding agreements that delivers a seamless digital experience from the very start. Whether you need to initiate a new client onboarding process or send a past client a new engagement letter to sign, ShareFile’s automated agreement workflows makes client onboarding less tedious. By implementing accelerated agreement workflows for your client onboarding, you can:

  • Remove complexity. Accelerate a key part of the client experience that can improve the client lifetime value through increased retention.
  • Speed up onboarding. Reduce the number of onboarding agreement steps by 60% and lower the cost of acquiring new clients.
  • Start client services faster. Streamline the client onboarding process to start servicing clients faster.


3. Improving Client Engagement  
Ensuring clients are fully engaged during the lifecycle is the key to a great experience. With fast response times and visibility during the service, organizations can provide a compelling experience that outshines other competitors. However, slow communication channels and unsecure document collaboration over email can comprise that client engagement.


With ShareFile, your able to provide each client a dedicated secure digital portal that’s completely customized for your business. Clients or external users can access their documents at any time in a secure portal—eliminating the risk of losing documents in email inboxes.


By providing a digital portal experience for clients, you can:

  • Faster turnaround. Spend more accelerating service turnaround times and less time answering low-value questions.
  • Stay organized and efficient. Create efficiencies in client documentation and organization while delighting clients with a custom portal.
  • Timely alerts. Ensure no client action is missed with automated notifications that speeds up the lifecycle.

Coming soon: even more ways to improve client collaboration!


In addition to these highlighted functionalities, ShareFile is adding even more client-collaboration-focused value in ShareFile Premium very soon! Stay tuned to learn how Share File is adding exciting functionality to improve and simplify the client experience for service-based industries.