Secure file sharing

Collaborate easily without putting company data at risk

Break bad security habits

Avoid risks like data theft, phishing attacks, or credential theft by taking the security guesswork out of file sharing. With ShareFile, users get a safe, convenient alternative to dangerous practices like sharing documents via email attachments or chat messages.

Eliminate risky email attachments

Share documents with internal and external team members via secure links to stored files instead of sending them out into the world via email. Request files from external users by sending them an upload link.

Prevent unintended disclosure

Ensure that documents are viewed only by the intended recipient. Protect sensitive data like financials, customer lists, or intellectual property with security controls like login requirements, limits on file access and downloads, and granular permissions over who can see what, for how long.

Enable secure external collaboration

Give collaborators outside the company network safe ways to open and edit specific files. Secure, customized client portals make it easy to upload or view documents with pre-set security policies, while integrated feedback and approvals replace endless email threads.

Be productive anywhere

Keep projects moving when you’re disconnected by editing documents offline, then syncing changes when you reconnect. Co-edit documents with colleagues in real time, or check them out to edit on your own—version control prevents errors and confusion. Automated e-signature reminders help remote users stay on track.

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