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We all share files with people both inside and outside our company daily — it's the nature of the modern working world. We know it's important to protect our data or our clients' confidential data, but it’s cumbersome to know when and how to send files securely.

Secure file sharing means more than password protection and private email servers — you need to consider how and where the files are stored, how they're protected and how safe they are when you hit 'Send'.

Here are a few ways ShareFile meets your security and business needs:

Boost client and internal confidence with secure file sharing

Email has long been the go-to for sending files to colleagues and clients, but it offers several annoying drawbacks. Slow and frustrating to send, file size restrictions, and part of a notoriously insecure platform, email is the least reliable way to share important large business files.

Using ShareFile’s cloud technology, you can grow client confidence and employee productivity with a system that’s intuitive, fast, and secure. Rather than attaching huge files to an email, ShareFile sends a secure link to the recipient, where they can then download the file quickly and securely.

Our solution also works for any communication method. If email isn’t your platform, simply copy and paste your secure links into an instant message.

Make life easy for colleagues and clients

ShareFile’s business file sharing platform can streamline your process, making every working day a breeze.

When sharing a secure link containing a document, you can ask the recipient for feedback on your work, or approval when ready to sign-off. Feedback can be given using ShareFile’s integration with Office 365, making it easier for colleagues and clients to collaborate and make suggestions for improvement in the document itself.

For contracts or other legally binding or confidential documents, files can be sent to obtain legally valid electronic signatures. No printing, signing and scanning, just one secure digital copy of your important business documents.

Encryption for files and emails

Security of your data is vital to the integrity of every business. With ShareFile, you have a platform that provides industry-leading security standards when sharing confidential files.

Files are kept secure during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols. In the cloud, storage of your files is kept safe using AES 256-bit encryption. When sending files via email, our Microsoft Outlook plugin always encrypts the file that's being sent. The user can choose to encrypt the email if they'd like.

There is no cost for external parties to send you documents. Even if they aren’t ShareFile customers themselves, you can give customers, clients, and vendors a way to securely send files or emails back to you. Send them a secure upload link, and they can drop files back to you while benefiting from the same security features.

State-of-the-art security for all your data

It’s not just when sharing flies where ShareFile’s security works hard to keep your data safe. Using SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers, all your indispensable company data is stored in proven and trusted cloud infrastructure, standards used by leading e-commerce websites and in internet banking.

Customizable controls and permissions settings

When sending files securely with ShareFile, you remain in total control of who sees it and when. Workflow audit trails allow you to send a document through several sign-off or feedback stages, working its way through your company structure with minimal effort.

Configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools allow you to get insight into and control over who is accessing data and when. Add a login requirement, link expiry date, and limit on the number of accesses per user to ensure a link doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, then receive email notifications when files are accessed.

Secure desktop and mobile tools wherever you are

ShareFile’s business file sharing tools work wherever you are, and on whatever device you’re using. Use Citrix Files or the ShareFile Desktop App to share files right from your desktop or laptop. Alternatively, download the Citrix files app to access, edit and share your files from a smartphone or tablet.

You never have to open a browser to send files securely internally or externally, and it works on both Windows and Mac.

How secure file sharing with sharefile works

Access your ShareFile account via the desktop or mobile app, or login into the ShareFile web app via your browser.

Select a file and send method
Browse your files and find which one you’d like to send. Click ‘share’ and select your sharing method: “Email with ShareFile”, “Get a Link”, “Feedback and Approval” or “Electronic Signature”.

Add permissions and send
Add your recipient before tweaking any necessary permissions. Encrypt your message, add login requirements, and add an access expiry date to sure up the security of your file. When you’re ready, hit send.

Why your business needs secure file sharing

A lot of industries, such as Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Finance, Accounting, and others, are regulated at a Federal, State or industry level by institutions and laws, including HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, CFBP, state bar association ethics guidelines and more. Guidelines which ShareFile’s secure file sharing meet.

But legal requirements aren't the only reason a business should consider using a service like ShareFile. Businesses that handle customer or client data need to protect their reputation. If an organization isn’t using a secure solution to protect files where they're stored and when they're shared, the fallout of a data breach could cause irreparable damage.

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