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A big thank you for being part of ShareNext 2024! Your presence during the event and your ongoing partnership mean the world to us. Together, we're stepping into an exciting new chapter for ShareFile®.

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Our presenters covered a lot of ground! Listen again to each session or share with a colleague so they can learn about how ShareFile is evolving to deliver more value for your business.

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Maximize your ShareFile experience with our mini pocket guides. These handy guides will help steer you toward the ShareFile features we think are most helpful for improving collaboration, efficiency, and client experiences.

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Master new ShareFile features

At ShareNext, Chief Product Officer, David Le Strat, talked about some exciting new ShareFile features. Now’s your chance to explore them at your own pace.

Security threat alerts

As technology advances, so do security risks. The security threat alerts feature helps you expand your security posture. It gives your entire team more capabilities to detect and react to potential threats.

Accelerated agreements

Repetitive forms and agreements waste valuable time. This feature lets you automate client onboarding, NDAs, engagement agreements, and new service forms, freeing up time for you to focus on high-value tasks.

Document request lists

Collecting document lists is notoriously time-consuming. Improve the accuracy and speed of this process and make the experience better for employees and clients.

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