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How to onboard clients in 4 steps

October 18, 2023


Onboarding sets the tone of your relationship with a prospective client, so it’s worth the effort to get the process right. Now, ShareFile® makes that task a lot simpler with our built-in agreement workflow.  


Use ShareFile to get signed agreements faster from new clients – or from existing clients that have to sign agreements annually.  

Easy experience for clients 

During those first few steps with a new service provider, it’s natural for clients to wonder if they made the right choice.  


Existing customers often have the same thought, especially now that consumers see specialized services as more of a commodity they easily get from other businesses.   


A straightforward and painless onboarding experience is one way to help clients reaffirm their choice.  


Before service begins, here's how you can use rapid client onboarding to make a positive impression.  


  • Clients will get a ShareFile notification when an e-sign agreement or form is ready for them to complete. The notification takes the client straight to the document, which they can complete electronically. Clients only need a few minutes to sign an agreement; their demographic data will already be filled out in the form. 


  • Afterwards, ShareFile automatically prompts the new client to set up their client portal. With the guiding prompts, clients can create it without having to contact your office for help.  


  • The onboarding process also introduces clients to their portal. This centralized and secure digital space is where clients will go throughout the client lifecycle for document-related processes.  Clients will have a much easier time completing tasks, like signing documents or completing document requests, with one tool.  


Easy for teams that crave efficiency 

The onboarding process is critical, but that doesn’t mean it has to be time-intensive. Our built-in client agreement workflow makes the process much simpler without requiring the client to do more heavy lifting.  

  • Agreement templates are easily accessible to entire teams. It's intuitive enough that all employees, despite their work experience, can launch the onboarding process. This includes newer employees too.


  • Auto-fill and automation features take care of most of the manual steps. You can launch an agreement with just a few clicks. Clients can sign agreements in a few clicks too. As a result, you can get signed agreement faster and begin service sooner


  • The easy-to-use workflow keeps the onboarding process rolling, automating many repetitive steps that used to take up your time.


Easy for business owners monitoring security and cost-savings 

Our accelerated agreement workflow brings you efficiency and easy without asking you to sacrifice security. All of our cutting-edge security, like email and file encryption, secure any sensitive information exchanged during the onboarding process.  


If your teams rely on other tools to onboard clients, you can consolidate your tech stack and cut costs by encouraging teams to use ShareFile. After building an initial onboarding template, teams can begin using the feature right away. No set up or tie-intensive training required.  


Start onboarding clients with ShareFile  

You can get started with this article, which outlines the steps to launch an agreement. Also, check out our digital document request lists. Another time-saving, client-delighting feature.