Document Request and Collection

Discover a more efficient, digital, and secure process of requesting and collecting client documentation.

Request Documents Seamlessly

ShareFile makes document requests seamless by digitizing the process for greater accuracy and speed. Within the request workflow, you can import existing document lists, or build your own. Assign document requests to one or more contacts within your client list and then track their progress. It’s easy to keep projects on track with the ability to either reject a document – triggering a client notification – or move it to the corresponding project folder.

Offer Clients a Frictionless Document Request Process

Back-and-forth emails between clients and their service providers on document request lists can slow the process and create unnecessary confusion. Make life easier for clients by offering them a dedicated place to review document request lists. Instead of relying on in-person meetings, email, or fax, with ShareFile clients can complete documents on their own time. Clients are always in the loop with real-time notifications that a document has either been approved or needs attention. Secure file encryption also gives clients added peace of mind that their sensitive data is protected.

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