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ShareFile’s document request list is a no-brainer for your business

October 18, 2023


If you or your team dreads the document collection process... we've got good news for you. Now, you can streamline the process without extra work. 


ShareFile’s new document request helps you collect a list of client documents in less time, and with fewer headaches. The time savings also translate into faster service, allowing you to start billable work sooner. The benefits extend to clients too, raising the overall transparency and communication.  


Here are more reasons why you should start using this feature today. 


Easy for clients from start to finish 

If you think document request lists are a pain, chances are you clients thinks so too. So, they’ll be thrilled when you introduce our easier solution to their lives. Here’s how it saves them hassle and time.  


  •  Clients will get a notification when you initiate a new document request list, allowing them to check the list when they’re ready 
  • Clients can view all of the requested documents in their client portal. If they forget what to send or the due date, client can find answers in the portal.  
  • If a client is confused about one of the documents on your list, they can comment on the list with their question. This helps streamline these client touch points to eliminate confusion 
  • To submit their documents, clients use the same tool. The document list is a few clicks away if clients want to cross-reference it while uploading documents.  
  • For security-conscious clients, they’ll appreciate having their data protected with email and file encryption.   



“From a client perspective, the process of uploading to document requests is super easy.”  

Krystle Conrad, Audit Technician, Smith Marion 



Easy for teams who need new efficiencies to get work done 

Most would agree that document list collection is not the highlight of their work week. And for good reason.


They are time consuming. It takes a lot of effort to comb through emails searching for documents. Plus, there’s re-sending the list to client and manually organizing files. While the process is tedious, there’s also pressure to get it done to meet deadlines or start billable services.


When it comes to document request lists, the need for more automation is clear – so are the benefits.


  • Upload your list in the portal. Or, you can build it in the tool. You’ll have the option to include a detailed description for the list and all of the documents within it. Meaning you can anticipate and answer client questions before they arise.  
  • Get notifications of document status changes, or go into the list to manually check. These features help everyone involved move the project forward. 
  • If you reject one of the client’s submissions, ShareFile® will send that client a notification so you don’t have to. That’s one less email you have to send.  



“The progress bar and approval statuses in Document Request really add value for our firm as we have 200+ items in one request lists and this helps us to quickly scan what needs to completed or reviewed.” 

Jennifer Hoskins, Partner, Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs 



Easy for organizations concerned about the client experience  

If your teams are using other tools to request client files, you can cut costs by consolidating to ShareFile. Our document request list is built-in and ready to use.



“ShareFile makes document list collection processes dummy-proof and it’s very intuitive. You just click and drop, which is great.”  

Nina Lang, Staff Accountant, LT CPAs & Company 



If haven’t tried document request lists, what’s stopping you? 

Start streamlining your list collection. This feature is just one of many that we are rolling out to improve your workflows and customer experiences. Another great feature you should check out is rapid client onboarding for faster agreements.