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Modernize your Client Experience with ShareFile® for Accounting

June 01, 2023


The digital-first mentality is rapidly evolving the accounting landscape. Clients are expecting more modern and elevated experiences from organizations that extend beyond just delivering the expected service. In fact, 73% of people in a recent study point to client experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.


With this in mind, accounting firms must focus on improving the client experience to retain and attract new clients. Accounting firms can create this superior experience with ShareFile for accounting, a collaborative client experience solution built specifically for accounting organizations, showcased by Jennifer Lorenzen, the owner of LT CPAs & Company: "I don’t need to jump back and forth to email to find that client question or jump to another solution to find files, I can do that all in ShareFile."


We are excited to announce a reimagined ShareFile experience with new customized features designed for tax and accounting professionals.


Discover the top three benefits ShareFile offers accounting firms:

Improved Client Experience


Firms can deliver simple, frictionless client interactions with ShareFile by consolidating client engagements to centralized, secure solution. Key functionalities that improve the client experience:


Custom-branded client portal


The ShareFile client portal is simple to use and provides a central, secure location for collaborating on sensitive documents during the entirety of the engagement.

  • Collaborate directly with clients on specific tasks or documents in a portal that reflects your firm’s branding
  • Use the portal to request, share, organize, and store critical documents in one place
  • Provide clients peace-of-mind with absolute security of sensitive financial documents with file encryption


Document request and collection NEW!


Tedious PBC workflows are arguably the most time-consuming process of client engagements. ShareFile’s new Document Request functionality makes the document collection simple, seamless, and efficient.

  • Provide a secure, simple tool to collect sensitive financial documents for audit and tax services
  • Get real-time notifications, progress tracking, and document-specific communication threads that accelerates service
  • Enable a modern PBC process that ensures visibility and clarity to accelerate service turn-around times


"The progress bar and approval statuses in Document Request really add value for our firm as we have 200+ items in one request lists and this helps us to quickly scan what needs to completed or reviewed.” -Jennifer Hoskins, Partner, Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs"


"I really like the new document request tool. It makes PBC list process dummy-proof and it’s very intuitive. You just click and drop, which is great.” -Nina Lang, Staff Accountant, LT CPAs & Company"


Increased Workflow Efficiency


As every firm knows, maintaining efficiency during services is crucial. ShareFile replaces repetitive and manual-based processes with automation to improve overall efficiency. Key functionalities that increase efficiency: 


Workflow Automation NEW!


With ShareFile’s new workflow builder, Automated Workflows, you can accelerate tedious processes that improves the speed, accuracy, and experience of critical processes, like  client onboarding (3:49).

  • Automate repeatable processes, like engagement letters, that can be deployed with one-click
  • Enable auto-fill capabilities that integrate client data leaving less time to manually prepare documents
  • Build easy-to-use trigger automations on different client actions, such as file uploads 


Unlimited E-Signature


From the beginning to the end of engagement, client signatures are needed every step of the way. With ShareFile, you can improve efficiency of manual, paper-based agreements with integrated e-signature.

  • Send unlimited number of documents for e-signature using a simple interface 
  • Capture legal-binding, enforceable e-signatures that produces unique signature certificates to ensure complete authenticity
  • Receive IRS-required Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) at NO extra cost


Simplified Collaboration


Timely, simple, and consistent collaboration is another crucial ingredient to improving the client experience. Key functionalities that simplify collaboration: 


Secure document management


Get sensitive financial data and files out of unsecure, risky email. ShareFile offers a secure environment to manage, store, and collaborate on documents.

  • Send and receive large files seamlessly and securely without the need for file compression or emailing attachments
  • Reduce sensitive data security risk with configurable, granular permissions on all documents
  • Maintain sharing flexibility with the Microsoft Outlook plug-in to quickly share files securely in Outlook


Engagements NEW!


ShareFile’s new Engagements functionality offers clients and accountants an organized and actionable space that simplifies collaboration and reduces common engagement delays

  • Communicate with clients on each engagement inside ShareFile and out of email inboxes so each engagement is organized and up-to-date in one unified place
  • Assign tasks to specific stakeholders with reminder notifications to bring added accountability and visibility
  • Increase the visibility and accessibility from any location on web, desktop, and mobile


"I can accomplish all client interactions inside of the Engagements functionality now.” -Jennifer Lorenzen, Owner, LT CPAs & Company


Start Modernizing your Client Experience!


ShareFile for accounting and its new functionalities are available in the ShareFile Premium offering (located in the U.S. region) at no additional cost starting June 1. 


New to ShareFile? Try out ShareFile for 30 days by signing up for a free trial or request a 1:1 demo!