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Golden Plains Credit Union

Revolutionizing Indirect Lending for Kansas-based Credit Union with ShareFile®

September 18, 2023


Golden Plains Credit Union (GPCU) has 14 locations across Kansas, offering everyday financial services across the state since 1951. Their continued commitment to more secure and efficient processes has ranked them in the top 5 largest credit unions in the state.


With ShareFile, Golden Plains was able to:

  • Decreased indirect loan servicing time by at least 1 day
  • Reduced costs and time by eliminating all shipping and faxing with dealers
  • Improved dealer and customer satisfaction with faster loan servicing


Too many manual processes


For years, GPCU used physical copies of loan packets to share with dealers to complete the indirect loan process. Instead of dealing directly with clients on loans, the indirect loan department serves as intermediary between lenders, dealers, and clients.


This process required many repetitive and manual steps including, printing packets, completing forms by hand, and shipping the packet overnight to dealers. All of which added days to the process and costs. Dustin Bailey, SVP of Indirect Lending, wanted to digitize the experience and limit unnecessary complexity and time for clients, so GCPU turned to ShareFile.


With ShareFile, they were able to digitize and accelerate the entire process. The secure perimeter made it easy and safe for dealers to download and uploaded loan packets after working with the client. It also gave GCPU absolute content visibility to the process, which they lacked in their previous process. The team was able to see when documents were viewed, downloaded, and uploaded, saving crucial back and forth conversations via email and fax to get documents.


ShareFile also helped GCPU reduce costs through their new efficient process. All files were stored securely in ShareFile cutting out the need of physical documents. Meaning, no overnight shipping and insecure paper copies.


Moving to ShareFile has allowed the credit union to provide a secure option for our dealers to submit their loan packets and save on overnight fees. It has also allowed us to easily move .pdf packets into our imaging system without having to handle and scan so many paper files.


Dustin Bailey
SVP of Indirect Lending
Golden Plains Credit Union


Immediate improved efficiency and experience


With ShareFile facilitating the process, Bailey recognized where the experience was improving. A one-stop shop for loan packets made the handoff from dealers much smoother, with less lead time between each interaction. Additionally, this efficiency gain helped GPCU speed up the processing time.


ShareFile provides an efficient and cost-effective avenue for our dealers to deliver their loan packets to us. It also provides us the ability to quickly move each file through our funding and processing procedures.


Dustin Bailey
SVP of Indirect Lending
Golden Plains Credit Union


The overall digitization of this process with ShareFile helps get loans to clients at least one day sooner, which can mean everything from a customer’s perspective. Not only does this efficient process improve productivity for GCPU, but also enables dealers to service loans quicker to clients which is crucial in the industry.


Many of our dealers have expressed that they appreciate the ease and convenience that ShareFile has provided them.


Dustin Bailey
SVP of Indirect Lending
Golden Plains Credit Union


Continuing to improve processes


Bailey remains laser focused on the customer experience of the indirect loaning process, enabling dealers to work as efficiently as possible. Bailey also identified a few opportunities for improvement, which allowed ShareFile’s Customer Success Engineering team to dedicate time with Dustin to improve the process even more, helping GPCU operate even smoother into the future.


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