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NinetyFive CPA LLC

How a Chicago firm simplifies tax season with ShareFile

December 14, 2023


With ShareFile, NinetyFive CPA:

  • Eliminates the need for salaried staff to manage processes
  • Streamlines tax document processes while ensuring client data is secure
  • Uses a client portal to keep the client service in a single, secure place
  • Can grow the firm with ease


Protecting client data with ShareFile


Jinay Shah had been an auditor for just a few years when he saw a need in the market for an affordable tax preparation, estate planning, and tax planning practice. “I wanted to help people out and not charge absurd prices, so that was the mission,” said Jinay, owner of NinetyFive CPA.



When he started the business, Jinay leveraged Google to manage client data and documents but realized it lacked efficient security and document management.



“I had to be very careful to not share incorrect links with clients,” Jinay said. “Or I had to create passwords and restrictions, and that took a lot of time.”



With the constant risk to client data and the potential impact on the client experience, Jinay decided to look for a solution that served his business and clients better. That’s where his journey with ShareFile started.



“I wanted a platform that could streamline client document processes and ensure the confidentiality of client data. Looking at various options, I found that ShareFile offered the perfect combination of security, ease of use, and robust features tailored for the business.” -Jinay Shah, Owner, NinetyFive CPA



Client management that’s secure and compliant


Jinay quickly created a process in ShareFile that fit his processes and his clients. Now, after completing an intake form, his clients get access to a secure client portal where they can interact with NinetyFive CPA throughout the entire service lifecycle. After Jinay receives the client data, the documents are neatly organized in ShareFile helping him complete his work quickly and securely. When he’s done, he applies a client data retention policy that enables him to stay compliant and protect the clients’ sensitive information.



ShareFile’s security capabilities also helped Jinay focus on his clients instead of worrying about the safety of their data.



“ShareFile’s advanced security measures instill confidence in my clients when sharing sensitive financial information. It has simplified the process of exchanging large files, eliminating the need for email.” -Jinay Shah, Owner, NinetyFive CPA



ShareFile’s end-to-end data encryption provides a solid foundation to protect company and client data. Jinay uses ShareFile’s granular access controls to lock down exactly who sees what, when, and for how long. And with ShareFile’s versioning capabilities, he can track changes made to financial documents, ensuring accuracy and creating an audit trail so he can stay compliant and address any discrepancies.



Keeping costs down


With the help of ShareFile, Jinay can keep costs down to run the firm the way he intended. ShareFile’s enhanced efficiencies have helped the firm manage client interactions effectively without having to hire additional admin and salaried staff.



“I would need to pay someone $20/hour to manage all of this without ShareFile’s ease of use,” Jinay said. “There is definitely a significant amount of cost savings here.”



Those savings enable NinetyFive to provide a competitive rate for services and deliver an improved client experience, keeping current customers happy and attracting new clients.


Learn how NinetyFive CPA can help you plan ahead for tax season, and how ShareFile can make accounting easier for your firm and your clients.