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Eggemeyer Associates Architects

Architecture Firm Achieves $1,000 Monthly Savings with ShareFile®

October 02, 2023


Eggemeyer Associates Architects modernizes file sharing with a robust solution

EAA Successes


  • Save over $1,000 per month by moving from a self-hosted FTP tool to ShareFile Premium, a holistic document collaboration solution
  • Realize a 3-5x savings that can be reinvested in the firm’s broader digitization efforts · Reduce cost and heavy management needs from their previous tools · Incorporate e-signature to decrease lead and approval time and increase efficiency
  • Increase the overall security of the firm


Outgrowing legacy software for a modern solution


Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc. (EAA) has designed more than $550 million in building projects in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Florida. Established in 1960 in Carbondale, Illinois, EAA has facilitated the programming and design of a wide variety of projects for individuals, government agencies, and private and commercial interests from new construction to renovation and restoration.


EAA was one of the first firms in southern Illinois to embrace digital document collaboration. At first the firm used FTP to share documents with clients, vendors, partners, and internal teams. But hosting the process on their local server demanded a lot of time and resources to control and maintain shared information.


The firm needed a more affordable and flexible file sharing solution that was easy to manage and cost-effective.


Migrating to a cloud-based file sharing solution


Unlike FTP, ShareFile gave EAA cloud-based file sharing, which demanded less time and resources to control.


ShareFile was probably saving us well over $1,000 a month, which more than covers our subscription costs, plus the ease and time savings it delivered


Mark Dillon

Architect and EAA Principal



Today, the firm can deliver a better customer experience with the ability to:


  • Easily monitor file access to see if clients need help getting started
  • Integrate information more accurately between consultants and internal teams
  • Enable large file transfers without file size limitations
  • Requests files from other parties for better information flow

Creating a plan room


EAA also uses ShareFile for the firm’s online plan room that integrates with their website. It contains project bids composed of drawings, specs, and other information bidders need for certifications, which are posted to a ShareFile folder and linked on the EAA website.


When a bidder is interested in a job and downloads the folder, ShareFile prompts them to create a login and get added as a user. EAA no longer has to hand-hold bidders through the process, allowing the firm to focus on successfully launching the project.


A future of faster contracts with e-signature


Today, EAA's use of integrated e-signature in ShareFile means they can receive signed contracts and approvals more quickly. This is particularly useful when working with government agencies that once required “wet” signatures on contracts that were then delivered by mail.


E-signature capabilities help EAA’s projects and approvals move faster by days, which is crucial when meeting key building deadlines.


“ShareFile’s e-signature functionality has significantly streamlined the amount of time it takes to get contracts, change orders and other documents signed and returned from multiple parties,” says Dillon. “It's been an incredible asset to our efficiency.”


Staying ahead of the competition


EAA continues to use ShareFile to create more efficient workflows both internally and with clients and bidders.


Any business that needs to securely exchange files with more efficiency can benefit from ShareFile.


Next Steps


Protect the confidentiality of your content with ShareFile’s file and email encryption


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