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Stay compliant when sharing HIPAA-regulated content

February 29, 2024


Ensuring the secure storage and exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) is critical to complying with HIPAA regulations. However, it presents a challenge when preventing unauthorized access to documents or potential security breaches. An examination of our customers' collaboration practices revealed that 58% of them share sensitive documents using non-secure methods. This implies that recipients aren't obligated to log in to access the content, could easily forward it to unauthorized individuals, or, in more concerning scenarios, malicious actors could scrape openly accessible information. Yet, overcoming this challenge is feasible.


ShareFile is committed to helping our customers reduce risk. At ShareFile, seamless work and supporting compliance go hand-in-hand. Our solution is designed for highly regulated industries that need flexible document workflows. We help you optimize collaboration processes, enhance information exchange, and provide straightforward tools for your employees to work seamlessly into their current processes.



Optimize collaboration processes


Effortlessly share, monitor, and provide feedback on Protected Health Information (PHI) documents across internal teams and external stakeholders.


A recent enhancement allows users to co-edit documents within a HIPAA-designated account. If admins opt-in to this feature, users can collaborate with peers on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files using the integration with Microsoft 365. Other features, like the ability to create publicly accessed links, are soft-disabled to take the guesswork out of ensuring a secure collaboration experience.



Enhance information exchange


Enable secure access to vital information on any device while adhering to HIPAA regulations to significantly enhance the efficiency and simplicity of information exchange.


We have made it easier for users to understand the implications of their sharing or collaborating actions. When sharing documents, larger warning messages appear noting the type of access the recipient will have to the file. Features that are not HIPAA compliant are greyed out and blocked from the end-user. Admins can limit sharing features on the account depending on their business needs.



Utilize straightforward security that won't tie you down


Remaining HIPAA compliant when sharing information involves adhering to specific guidelines and safeguards to protect the privacy and security of individuals' protected health information (PHI). ShareFile's built-in features help your business adhere to these guidelines.


  • Secure Communication Channels: Utilize secure communication channels such as encrypted email to transmit PHI securely.


  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs): Within ShareFile, we make it easy for administrators to sign a BAA, outlining the responsibilities for protecting PHI and ensuring HIPAA compliance.


  • Audit Trails and Threat Monitoring: Access audit trails and ShareFile's native threat monitoring system to detect unauthorized activities and promptly respond to security incidents.


By following these steps and remaining vigilant about security practices, organizations can effectively share information while maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting individuals' sensitive information.