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Protect what matters most this busy season

November 21, 2023


During the busy season, it's easy to pay less attention to security features when there's so much to do. So the last thing you have time for is a security breach. Did you know the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, up 15% from 2022. Source 



It is more important than ever to protect sensitive information.



With ShareFile, you don't have to do anything to get more security. In fact, we continue to invest in the tools to securely exchange sensitive information with clients. Learn about features keeping your data safe. With these best practices, you can focus on closing year end without fearing time and cost-intensive security breaches.




1 – Attend a live webinar (or catch the recording):



No question too small! 



Ask and our technical experts will answer live.


  • Best practices to stay secure when sharing documents


  • Get ready for a secure busy season with ShareFile 






2 - Protect the exchange of client information



Clients expect their most sensitive information is handled with care. Here’s how you can show off your skills:




Securely use email with share links


  • Invoke ShareFile’s plug-in for Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to automatically convert files into a link ShareFile apps




Leverage encryption to protect your data
  • Add an extra layer of encryption for the body of your message, along with any attachments Encrypt email




Apply access controls and ensure documents are only viewed by the intended recipient


  • Require recipients to log-in to view content.


  • Set limits on how long a file can be accessed. 





Eliminate employees saving files to their desktop


  • Implement ShareFile's native files integration in Windows or Mac, or mobile app






3 - Share and collaborate in one secure location



Want to impress your boss? Try one of these features:




Add your clients as client users 


  • Ensure your clients have created an account and authenticated into ShareFile Create users




Review folder permissions





Utilize a dedicated project space 


  • Keep conversations and tasks within a secure portal with Projects


  • Try Document Request Lists instead of emailing a list of items you need: document requests




Work out of Outlook? 





Have a Microsoft Office 365 license? 





Modify device security settings 


  • Control the security level for devices used to access the ShareFile account. Device security





4 – Address security issues in real time



Gain bonus points with your clients when using advanced features.




Empower employees to protect content as quickly as possible. 





Utilize the Activity and Security Alerts dashboard 


  • When a security warning occurs, take actions to stop access to ShareFile. Learn more – Alerts dashboard





Confidently share and collaborate


  • We hope these insightful tips enable you to enhance the security of your document sharing without slowing down progress. You are on your way to conquering busy season.