A better e-signature solution: RightSignature + ShareFile

RightSignature is consolidating into ShareFile, giving you new ways to streamline signature collection, document management, and client workflows.

Meet ShareFile, a new way of getting work done

Get all the e-signatures you need with one solution that can also manage documents and improve your client experience. ShareFile is the solution for making work flow, offering a secure and easy-to-use technology that simplifies client and document processes.


Don’t worry the features and use cases you know and love from RightSignature won’t be changing. If you also own ShareFile, you will soon have an enhanced native e-signature experience that will fully integrate into your document workflows in ShareFile. Learn more here.

Modernize your client experience

Deliver a simple, frictionless client experience with our user-friendly solution. Clients use one secure tool to sign pre-filled agreements, upload files, complete onboarding, and more.

Say goodbye to app switching

With ShareFile, there’s no jumping between applications or manually uploading files. Use one tool to collect legally-binding signatures and manage signed files, saving you time and effort.

Go beyond just sending e-signature

Use automation to collect signatures and fulfill the entire document lifecycle. Like, send an e-signature within a pre-built workflow that automates client onboarding. Or, route a signed agreement to its intended folder automatically.

“The integrated e-signature in ShareFile has saved us at least 1,000 hours a year.”

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer

“Using ShareFile’s signature workflows is a great way to deliver these agreements and get signatures digitally, because it can all happen in 15 minutes versus using paper-based processes, which can take one to two weeks to complete.”

Christine Cooper

CEO of aequum and Co-Managing Partner of Koehler Fitzgerald

RightSignature & ShareFile FAQs

    How can I buy RightSignature?

    We are no longer selling a standalone e-signature solution. Since document lifecycles exist beyond sending documents for signature, we’ve improved our e-signature functionality to provide seamless document-centric workflows in one single tool. Integrated e-signature inside of ShareFile gives our customers the benefit our of our e-signature functionality while improving the way they work.

    What is ShareFile?

    ShareFile helps you deliver a modern client experience, with a secure, easy-to-use technology that streamlines document and client-facing workflows.

    With ShareFile, you receive:

    • Uninterrupted, effortless experience: Remove context switching and manual document uploading and downloading. ShareFile means one place to store documents, get feedback, and send for signature.
    • Seamless document-centric workflows: Deliver a simple, frictionless client and user experience.
    • Unmatched Value: Document management and client experience solution with all the e-signatures you need– all in one product.

    What ShareFile plan should I buy for e-signature?

    You should purchase the ShareFile Premium plan. With this plan, you’ll receive all the e-signature you need with KBA at no extra cost. You’ll also receive the full value of ShareFile that helps you deliver a modern client experience, with a secure, easy-to-use technology that streamlines document and client-facing workflows. Learn more about ShareFile functionalities here.

    I am a current RightSignature customer, what impact does this have on me and why did we make this update?

    As we continue our vision of improving our document-centric workflows through deeper integration of ShareFile and RightSignature, we’ve made the decision to consolidate the RightSignature website to ShareFile. To learn more about our integrated e-signature vision in ShareFile, visit here.

    Got questions?