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Coming Soon: new native e-signature in ShareFile®

October 10, 2023


E-signature has saved all of us a lot of time. But…there's still room for more efficiency.

That's because most document workflows don't end with a client signature. And if you have to switch apps to complete all the steps, it could be costing you -- literally. In fact, a McKinsey report found that simplifying end-to-end processes can reduce fixed costs by up to 30%, potentially increasing revenue by 5%.


Our solution? Fully native e-signature. Now, you can use one tool to complete document and client-facing workflows.


That’s why ShareFile is excited to announce upcoming updates to our e-signature tool, RightSignature, in ShareFile.


RightSignature will soon be merged to become a fully native e-signature component in ShareFile. Although ShareFile already included e-signature in ShareFile, ShareFile is taking a step forward to enhancing our commitment to improving workflow efficiently. RightSignature and ShareFile are truly better together, so this complete unification will improve the way your work to deliver complete document-centric workflows.


Discover at the value our native, integrated e-signature functionality will have for your organization:


Uninterrupted, effortless experience


It’s never been easier to send a file for e-signature! Save time and increase productivity with no app switching to send a document for signature. Quickly send an existing document in ShareFile for signature, requiring no redirection to a separate application or integration.


Key callouts:


  • Never leave ShareFile, no redirection a separate webpage.
  • Send a document that in ShareFile for signature (web app and desktop app) and automatically save back to folder after completed.






Seamless document-centric workflows


Deliver a simple, frictionless client and user experience in one place. No more time spent on hunting down completed e-sign forms or agreements. With integrated e-signature in ShareFile, it does all the work for you delivering seamless document workflows.


Key callouts:


  • Upload a new agreement or form in ShareFile and send for signature, notating it exactly where to save the completed document, all automatically.
  • Speed up client onboarding related agreements, like NDAs or service agreements, with sending a template enabled with auto-fill saving you time preparing the document and your client.







Unmatched Value


Reduce your tech stack complexity and costs with ShareFile’s built-in e-signature. ShareFile delivers a modern client experience, with a secure, easy-to-use technology that streamlines document and client-facing workflows—all in one place.


Key callouts: 


  • Send all the e-signatures you need! With a maximum of 100,000 documents per license per month, you’ll never have to worry about maxing out limits.





What can you expect? 


We are rolling out our new native e-signature functionality in ShareFile over the few months to ensure the best experience. Be on the lookout for more information soon! 

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