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How Kimley-Horn Solved the FTP Problem With ShareFile®

November 01, 2022


I sent them a link, and they could upload a file. It was easy and intuitive.


Stacie Phillips
Traffic Engineer


Business Challenge

  • Clients found FTP hard to use.
  • Engineers needed an easier way to send and receive large files.


Business Results

  • Clients like intuitive links to files.
  • Engineers can easily share big files.
  • Managing projects is easier and more efficient.


Engineers at Kimley-Horn have to share large project files every day — with clients, colleagues, government agencies and more. But some clients found FTP to be complicated and frustrating. And for Kimley-Horn, keeping clients happy is a core value.


“I heard that the company had made ShareFile available to us to use, so I thought I’d give it a try with my clients,” says Stacie Phillips, a traffic engineer based in Raleigh, N.C. “They loved it. I sent them a link, and they could upload a file. It was easy and intuitive.”


As a traffic engineer, Phillips designs traffic signals for cities, counties and states around the country, and sending and receiving enormous CAD and MicroStation files is an everyday part of her work. She and her colleagues need to be able to quickly and reliably exchange those large files with team members and supervisors as well as surveyors, developers and the Department of Transportation.


The biggest benefit of ShareFile is how easy it is to send a file or send a request for a file. It has made my work so much more efficient.

 Phillips found ShareFile particularly helpful when she organized a conference. She set up folders for each conference presenter to allow them to upload their materials into a location where she could keep everything together. Using permissions controls, she was able to keep each file confidential so that individual presenters couldn’t see the materials others were uploading.

“I appreciated the confidentiality tools,” said Phillips. “Having everything in one place made it easy for me to manage, and I didn’t have to worry about people seeing everyone else’s materials.”

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