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The Barbash Network

Curing inefficiencies with ShareFile and Podio

March 26, 2024


With ShareFile and Podio, The Barbash Network:


  • Leverages Podio to efficiently communicate to and among its members about use cases, new workflow innovations, newsletters, announcements, and inter-member secure messaging
  • Leverages ShareFile for HIPAA-compliant collaboration about private client and patient data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with regulatory standards



Helping healthcare clinicians connect


Andrew Barbash MD founded The Barbash Network as a resource to help healthcare professionals take command of their own information workflow within teams and across all types of care. Making full use of the powerful integration of Podio and ShareFile, members of this network can engage with each other and share best practices to help empower future generations of healthcare workers.


Dr. Barbash also consults with members and offers technology recommendations based on their specific workflows. With more than 35 years in clinical care, from outpatient neurology to neurology telemedicine, he had seen plenty of technological advances and challenges. In the 1990s, he oversaw electronic medical record and clinical information systems at Kaiser Permanente in the Mid-Atlantic region. For the past 10 years he was engaged with one of the leading telemedicine services, interacting with all modalities of telecommunications for acute clinical care. But in all his different roles, he found that most processes dependent on communication and sharing were inefficient.


“I have always been interested in communications, workflow challenges, and efficiency because healthcare providers are so accountable, so overloaded, and yet faced with continuous obstacles to effective collaboration,” Dr. Barbash said.


In 2013, he co-founded Updox, a company focused on helping busy practices “just get the work done” as it related to faxing, texting, email, document flow, patient communications, messaging and virtual care. There are few things more rewarding, he said, than hearing from busy staff in office practices that they can’t imagine working without the solutions you provide.Though retiring from direct clinical patient care in 2022, after 38 years of practice, his drive to make healthcare more efficient has only deepened. The Barbash Network relies on platforms that offer customization, automation, and robust security features to manage all of the collaboration to support its members--demos, screenshots, documentation, and communication. ShareFile and Podio are not only the foundational platforms of The Barbash Network, they are integral to what he recommends to network members for their own individual and practice workflows.



“I wanted to help healthcare professionals get exposed to valuable technologies that not only improved our ability to share best-practices, but were the same tools they could leverage for their own daily work —professional and personal”


Andrew Barbash, MD, Founder, The Barbash Network



ShareFile and Podio: creating the perfect balance


The Barbash Network domain within ShareFile houses all important documentation and processes, such as demos and videos. Because some of these videos might include historical images or data related to patients, it’s critical for the information to be stored in a HIPAA-compliant solution like ShareFile to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Access to the data – even for a pure workflow demo only among members of the network – is controlled with unique, granular permissions and security settings to ensure the information was protected. Barbash also configured notifications to alert him when someone within the network accesses or downloads content.



“ShareFile is so logical for workflows. A single conversation can be shared multiple times, ensuring everyone remains aligned and informed.”


Andrew Barbash, MD, Founder, The Barbash Network



Recognizing the crucial role of communication and customized data needs within a network model, Dr Barbash developed his Podio instance simultaneously. He created distinct community apps and discussion forums tailored to the various tools advocated for network members – such as ShareFile, Podio, and Updox.


Leveraging Podio’s user-friendly functionality, he documented conversations with peers and network members for easy tracking. He also ensured that all relevant demos, tutorials, and documents stored on ShareFile were accessible from the Podio space, creating the perfect balance of community engagement and security. He can now demonstrate how members can create their own customized workflow automations to solve multiple daily challenges around collaboration at the patient/provider level.



“Podio is a simple, friendly language. It takes two minutes to set up a flow that’ll save 50.”


Andrew Barbash, MD, Founder, The Barbash Network



Learn more about The Barbash Network and see how you can improve your workflows with ShareFile and Podio.