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Getting started 102: edit your company branding

We want our solution to look and feel like an extension of your business. That’s why we make it easy for you to personalize our solution with your company branding. We’ll review how to do that in this article.

March 20, 2024



Account and client portal appearance 


When you log into ShareFile, the environment you see is called your account. When clients log into ShareFile, the environment they see is called a client portal. The client portal will have less options than what an employee user sees, and they will only see the folders that you have explicitly given them access to. 


Account admins can customize the look of the client portal, making it feel like another part of your business. When you customize the portal, the changes will also be seen in your account. 


We talk more about client portals in Getting started 103: adding client users.



Set your Basic Options


Begin by navigating to the "Settings" menu from the main navigation bar. Select "Admin Settings" followed by "Edit Company Branding."


We recommend you begin by customizing your “Basic Options.” Here, you can:


  • Modify the Page Title: Change the title seen at the top of the window


  • Add your company logo: Make your company logo visible at the top of the window 


  • Adjust the Header Background Color: Change the color of the header background at the top of the window


After you make changes, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page. 



More customization options 


If you want to further customize the appearance of your account, there are additional options to do so. 


  • Browser Options: Modify the page title and favicon (also known as a shortcut icon)


  • Header Options: Upload an image to display in the header at the top of the window


  • Page Options: Change the color of the accent bar at the top of tabs and content boxes


  • Login Page Options: Display your logo on the login page 


  • Email Options: Customize emails sent through ShareFile with your logo, a header description, and footer description 



Finalize your customization by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page for the changes to take effect.



Tips for optimizing your account appearance 


  • The logo must not exceed 80px in height or 400px in width.


  • The background image can be of any size, but only the first 80 vertical pixels are displayed, tiling horizontally and vertically as needed.


  • The default background color is white, but you can use any HTML color code. If both a color and an image are specified, the image will be displayed over the color.



Additional resources


Company branding product documentation 

ShareFile Webinar: Edit Company Branding!



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With your custom branding in place, you can start inviting client users to ShareFile. Learn about the client portal and how to add client users. Access Getting started 103: client portal and adding client users .