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Aligning for success at ShareFile

February 16, 2024

By Kurt Heusner, General Manager


ShareFest is an annual event where ShareFile employees get together to kick off the beginning of the calendar year. It’s an important gathering that helps us align as a company on our vision for the year and our approach to serving ShareFile customers and partners.


It’s always an exciting and energizing few days. This year, we reflected on all the changes in 2023, celebrated our successes, and looked forward as a team to the limitless opportunities we have ahead of us.


Each quarter, we give an update on the business from ShareFile leaders. This time, I wanted to share some of my highlights from ShareFest, as well as thoughts from employees on the year ahead.


Putting the customer first

At ShareFile, we work every day to be a best-in-class and highly innovative company that is committed to delivering value to our customers. Our North Star is to help customers modernize their client interaction experiences; improve their effectiveness and efficiency; and follow best practices in security and information management.


Transforming the customer experience

ShareFile prioritizes listening to our customers. The input and feedback we get through meetings, support calls, and all other touchpoints help us shape and optimize our product offerings and ensure that we deliver what customers need to be successful. We’re excited about the new capabilities we’re putting in place to help us serve customers in the ways that best fit their business needs.


Elevating the client experience

Our work in 2024 will center on advancing the modern client experience for our customers. We’re focused on delivering technology solutions that are just what our customers need; that are designed to support efficiency in their organizations; and that are built secure and compliant. I’m excited about what our teams are building for specific industries, how they’re planning to leverage technology like automation and AI, and what it all means for our customers’ ability to deliver a great experience.


Unlocking success

In 2023, ShareFile launched solutions designed to meet the needs of specific professions – like accounting and legal. We’re excited and encouraged by how those have been received and the success customers have had with them. We will be launching solutions for additional industries in 2024, as well as continuing to evolve our platform to better serve all ShareFile customers.


Building a new ShareFile

We know that people – our employees, our customers, our partners – form the foundation for the success of ShareFile. We’re continuing in 2024 to build a culture focused squarely on people. Better work begins at ShareFile, and our employees know this is a place where they can stretch and grow and, in turn, make an impact on those we serve every day.


We have an incredible team at ShareFile, and I’m excited to see how they’re working to make a difference for our customers.


You’ve heard from me. Now, hear from some of our terrific employees in the video below.