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Optimize Service Delivery with the Reimagined ShareFile® Premium

August 14, 2023


Most businesses know how important the client experience is. In a recent study, 73% of people pointed to the client experience as an important factor in their purchase decision1.


But the client experience has become even more important. Why?


It's estimated that consumer spending will drop in 2023 in response to the strain of inflation2. To stay relevant during a time when spending may decrease, every client touch point matters.


At ShareFile, we saw an opportunity to expand our most popular plan, ShareFile Premium, to include even more client-based workflows. These new additions are designed to help businesses elevate client interactions and create workflow efficiencies despite market challenges.


In this article, we’ll reveal new and enhanced functionalities inside ShareFile Premium that support workflow efficiencies, seamless collaboration, and security.


Automate repetitive and time consuming processes


Every business has routine processes that are often tedious and time consuming. The more these processes pile up, the less time your employees have to focus on strategic or advisory client services.


Now you can automate workflows within ShareFile.


Our new workflow builder allows you to automate processes internally, with existing clients, or with new clients.


This is a great solution for collecting signed NDAs, for example, and ensuring all signed documents are dropped into a specific folder.


With Automated Workflows, your businesses can:

  • Expedite low-value or repetitive processes 
  • Give employees more time for high-value tasks
  • Keep documents well organized for faster future access
  • Expedite processes company-wide


How it works:

  • Create your own workflow for employees, existing clients, or new clients
  • Choose the steps in the workflow and the trigger action, like an e-signature or file upload
  • Select the desired folder to store files
  • Clearly see the status of each workflow


Onboard new clients faster


Onboarding new clients is an important but time consuming step for most businesses and their new clients. That’s why we created a built-in workflow you can deploy to automate agreements.


This digital process includes e-signature and auto-fill capabilities, meaning that clients can sign at their convenience and don’t have to fill in their information.


In addition to automating the client onboarding process, your organization can also:

  • Launch onboarding documents, like service agreements, faster and with fewer mistakes
  • Reduce the number of time-consuming client touch points
  • Get client signatures faster
  • Gain total visibility of the workflow activity
  • Keep service agreements well organized with automatic folder creation and saving signed agreements in selected client folders

How it works:

  • Use a secure, digital platform to send clients a service agreement
  • Clients can use one tool to find, sign, and upload an agreement, plus they can use the desktop or mobile app anywhere, anytime
  • Use auto-fill that inserts all client information automatically versus manually typing it in
  • A shared folder is automatically generated for the new client with the signed agreement
  • The new client will receive an automated welcome email with client portal instructions once the agreement is signed


Easily manage multiple projects at once


Every business wants to engage clients for multiple projects. ShareFile supports this kind of business growth by making it really easy for your team to organize and find project-specific activity.


Within ShareFile, create dedicated spaces for each project and house all project-related document requests, files, and comments within the space. Clients can also view these dedicated spaces, making it easy for them to complete pending actions.


Your organization can also:

  • Provide clients a dedicated space to interact with their service provider
  • Reduce confusion and the need for multiple client touch points
  • Accelerate service delivery and proactively manage processes
  • Communicate directly with clients in the dedicate projects


How it works:

  • Create a dedicated space for each client project along with a description of the project

  • Invite internal and external stakeholders to the project and grant different permissions
  • Within the project, find all related comments, document requests, and files
  • Use the Comments functionality to communicate directly with the client. This organizes conversations by project, making them easier to find


Streamline and digitize document request lists


Requesting client documents usually involves a handful of tools to stay organized, constant client updates, and lots and lots of emails over an unsecure platform.


Imagine replacing this chaotic and time-consuming experience with a seamless digital process that protects sensitive files.


With ShareFile, you can use a streamlined document request process that offers stakeholders greater visibility and security. This functionality can be used to collect financial documents during a loan application, for example. Or, it can be used internally to collect a list of employee onboarding documents for HR.


With a digital document request process, your team can:

  • Receive client documents faster
  • Manage multiple request lists at once
  • Create a seamless experience for clients
  • Reduce time spent on back-and-forth emails
  • Easily track the status of each document


How it works

  • Launch a new document request and invite stakeholders
  • Upload your list of requested documents and provide a description and due date
  • Launch the request which deploys a ShareFile email to alert the client
  • Monitor client activity and send action reminders
  • Get alerts and respond when clients comment on a document
  • Review, approve, or reject documents that aren’t complete or correct


Optimize Efficiency & Collaboration Today


For existing ShareFile Premium customers, you can begin using all of these exciting features today. To get started, join an upcoming webinar with a panel of ShareFile experts to answer your questions about how to use these expanded capabilities.


New to ShareFile? Try out these features free for 30 days when you sign up for a trial.



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