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A modernized brand to take ShareFile® into the future of work

October 10, 2023


At ShareFile, we’re committed to ease and simplicity. We know that when processes flow effortlessly, impactful work can really begin. 


Today, we’re tapping into new opportunities to bring fluidity into our customers' lives, especially during the rise of digital transformation. 


Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and meeting those expectations is nearly impossible without technology. When you consider that one-third of revenue is tied to client interactions, finding new ways to delight clients with digital-first solutions is a game changer. 


“The pace of change continues to accelerate. We want our customers to be at the forefront of change so they can work more effectively with their clients. That’s why we’re making digital-first processes easy and accessible for teams of all sizes and industries,” says ShareFile General Manager and Senior Vice President Kurt Heusner.


We’ve evolved our solution to go beyond secure document sharing. We’re helping our customers embrace digital-first workflows that use automation, native e-signature, and best-in-class security. The efficiencies and cost savings created by these workflows allow our customers to focus on delivering a modern client experience. 


“There will always be a need for human interaction,” adds Heusner. 


“Getting to know your clients in order to deliver thoughtful strategic value is critical. We’re giving our customers time to deliver better experiences by helping them streamline routine, workflow-related tasks that can reduce, or even eliminate, repetitive administrative-heavy work. That means more time with clients and doing meaningful work.”


Returning to our roots with a new look & feel


When we were founded in 2005, it was to solve a customer need. Secure cloud collaboration didn’t exist, and ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson knew his customers needed a secure web-based tool for sharing files with clients. Our company’s resulting success was due in large part to understanding how our customers work. Our solution fit within our customers' existing workflows, making our tool easy to use right away. 


In a way, this rebrand is ShareFile returning to our roots. We are continuing to narrow in on how our customers work as the foundation for our product. We’re proud of our history. As we look at our future, we felt our brand needed a new look and feel to show ShareFile’s evolution into a complete solution. 


At the core of our renewed brand identity is ease. We wanted to capture that feeling of checking off all the boxes from start to finish – without any roadblocks. Our new logomark, for example, brings this feeling to life by using the iconic check mark, a sign of accomplishment. 


From our brand colors to our 3D elements, ShareFile’s new look and feel helps us tell the story of smooth processes and the resulting moments of energy and joy that make work meaningful. 


What’s next for ShareFile


We are continuing to build out new technology that fits your flow and is easy for teams of all sizes to adopt. To learn more about where our company is headed, join our upcoming customer event, ShareNext! This free virtual event is a great opportunity to hear directly from our senior leaders and discover how to use ShareFile to create a better customer experience. 


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