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For businesses looking for a way to securely upload files to the cloud - there’s ShareFile.

There are a variety of reasons that businesses may need a secure file upload site: for file-drop sections on their websites, to upload internal confidential or sensitive files or to offer clients a secure client portal to access their files. But there’s only one real way to meet all of those needs and have the bank-grade security to support compliance efforts and boost client confidence - ShareFile.

When you need a secure file upload solution, here are a few of the ways ShareFile can help.

1.Website file drops

    Patient forms, Client onboarding or other forms, questionnaires, vendor forms, design files and more - all things you may need people outside of your company to send you that may have sensitive information. With ShareFile, you don’t have to worry about how to email large files or the best way to encrypt your email; we handle both. And if you place a file-drop form on your website, anyone can send you files and securely upload them directly to your ShareFile account. You’ll receive a notification the second they click send.

2. Internal secure file uploads

    If you work with sensitive or confidential information, or are just looking for an easier way to have data security at your business, you can use ShareFile as your central secure repository for all of your business data. You can upload all of your files securely to the cloud with ShareFile Sync - removing the need for expensive servers or IT support.

3. Client portal

    Another great feature for using ShareFile as a secure file upload site is our client portal. Much like having a website file drop, our client portal lets you give each client a private, personal folder in your ShareFile account that only they can see, so they can self-service when they need to downloads their files or assist you more quickly when they need to send you files. Secure collaboration with anyone inside or outside of your organization has never been easier.

Besides that, ShareFile also helps businesses with features that let them securely share files, get documents signed electronically, manage workflows and much more. See why thousands of businesses use ShareFile, try it free today!

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Don't see what you're looking for? Call 1 800 441 3453 for a more in-depth look at ShareFile and to see how we can customize a plan for your business

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