Save time, increase client retention with the new Accelerated Onboarding Agreements workflow

ShareFile is excited to announce a new, enhanced capability to accelerate new client onboarding agreements for service-based businesses.

Time is money, especially for client-centric businesses. Signing a client agreement is a critical step in onboarding a new client and kickstarting the client-provider relationship. Both parties – clients and client-facing employees – expect the agreement process to be quick, frictionless, and easy to execute. However, it’s often impeded by miscommunication, missed deadlines, and disparate workflows. This results in a poor experience for clients and wasted time and resources, as well as lost revenue.

In fact, companies that effectively organize and manage customer experience can realize a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction, a 15% increase in sales conversion, a 30% lower cost-to-serve, and a 30% increase in employee engagement—demonstrating that focus on the client experience can generate better business outcomes.

This new ShareFile enhancement focuses on optimizing the important client onboarding process with the client’s satisfaction and your employee’s time top of mind. Accelerated new client agreements delivers a seamless digital experience from the very start, helping organization improve their clients’ experience that can increase client retention.

We are excited to enable our customers to improve their client/provider relationships with exciting new product workflows that accelerate new client onboarding:

Accelerated Agreements in ShareFile
Quickly add new client prospects to ShareFile and generate a signature workflow in the same process right inside of the ShareFile UI. There’s no context switching, saving you time and headaches. 

Agreement Templates in ShareFile
Create e-signature templates for an accelerated new client onboarding workflow without having to leave the ShareFile UI. Create your own templates or apply account-wide templates for easy employee access.

Auto-Fill Agreement Templates
Integrate client data with document generation workflows for new client onboarding agreements. There’s no need to re-type in client information or have the client fill-in repetitive demographic data. Just select the prospective client and send the templated agreement.

Automated Client Onboarding Experience
Once the prospect completes the agreement, they are moved from the “prospective clients” contact list into the “client” list. At the same time, ShareFile auto-generates a shared folder with the client with the completed agreement saved in the folder. The client is automatically sent an email inviting them to create a login to gain access to their “client folder.”

This new functionality helps ShareFile address our customers’ client collaboration pain points and enable their businesses to:

  • Accelerate a key part of the client experience that can improve the client lifetime value through increased retention
  • Reduce the number of onboarding agreement steps by 60 percent and lower the cost of acquiring new clients
  • Streamline the client onboarding process to start servicing clients faster

The all-new accelerated new client onboarding agreement workflow is now included in the ShareFile Premium offering (located in the U.S.) at no additional cost. Learn more about this new feature here.

To see this feature in action live, register for our free webinar on Monday, January 23 noon EST. New to ShareFile? Try out this new feature and more for 30 days by signing up for a free trial!

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