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ShareFile® for Legal Simplifies Secure Document Exchange for Law Firms

October 18, 2023


The legal industry is increasingly adopting technology to streamline work, but lawyers and law firms are still struggling to get it right.  


Of the five top challenges lawyers and firms face, three directly relate to technology:  


  • Boosting productivity 
  • Guarding against cyber threats 
  • Nailing down technology infrastructure 


The reality is that the right tech solutions can help lawyers use their time more efficiently and offer more security. Nowhere is this more evident than in client communication and document exchange. 



Why law firms need to streamline document workflows 


Communication and documentation exchange is a significant part of all legal services. So, it’s the perfect place for firms to start looking for a tech solution. 


Even today, 69% of lawyers still use email to communicate with clients. But email, especially if it’s not encrypted, offers limited protection against cyber threats. This means confidential information belonging to your firm and your clients can be exposed.  


Document preparation is also another big task at most firms. Today, only 9% of firms use fillable forms for online contracts and document prep, leaving the remaining 91% with a far less efficient process.  


It's clear law firms need an easy-to-use document sharing solution that improves security and productivity over status quo processes. That’s where ShareFile for Legal comes in.  



Meet ShareFile for Legal 


ShareFile for Legal helps streamline common document-heavy workflows. It enhances security for document sharing, onboarding, communication, and other tasks. And it simplifies service delivery for better productivity and a more seamless client experience.  



Specifically, ShareFile for Legal can help you:  



  • Digitize document request lists 
  • Automate or manage tasks 
  • Set granular document management controls to protect sensitive information 
  • Facilitate more secure communication 
  • Quickly surface security threats 
  • Enable rapid client onboarding 
  • Deliver a dedicated client collaboration portal  




How ShareFile for Legal Can Help Your Law Firm 


ShareFile for Legal helps streamline document sharing so you can focus on service. Let’s look at some of the things ShareFile can help your firm improve.  


1. Create digital document request lists to collect relevant evidence and information 

Whether you need to collect documents, images, financial statements, or other evidence, ShareFile for Legal has you covered. Upload a list of requested documents for clients or third parties, or create the list directly in ShareFile. This ensures you get exactly the right matter to build and support your case. 



2. Easily manage and monitor tasks 

ShareFile makes it simple to assign and monitor tasks to meet service deadlines. Easily view if a task is in progress, completed, or overdue. Assign tasks to specific users and automate task notifications to ensure action items are handled appropriately without relying on email exchanges or phone reminders. 




3. Get alerted when a security threat is detected 

ShareFile notifies you via email when it detects unusual sign-ins, authentication attempts, or malware activity so your team can take action. This helps reduce file-related security threats without creating speedbumps in your workflows. 



4. Enable safer document exchange with clients and third parties 

ShareFile offers flexible file management to make collaboration easier and more secure. File encryption, file sharing, user permissions, and even real-time document creation means you can edit contracts, exchange files and lock them during revision, and clarify confidential information with confidence.  


5. Build automated workflows to make your job easier 

Repetitive tasks can be distracting. ShareFile gives you tools to automate workflows, such as routing documents, capturing legally-binding e-signatures, and onboarding clients. You can also auto-fill documents with data from 3rd parties, like Salesforce or QuickBooks.  


Choose from ShareFile’s pre-built workflow templates or create your own. You can even automate emails such as walking clients through their ShareFile account setup. It’s a high-touch response for clients and less hand-holding for you. 




6. Access ShareFile documents locally 

ShareFile offers local access to documents on your desktop or laptop. This means you can edit and move files as easily if they were saved on your computer. And you can be confident you’re always working with the most recent version of the file. Best of all, ShareFile acts as a cloud backup ensuring your files and documents are always available.  


7. Simplify client exchanges with one secure, easy to use client portal 

ShareFile is ideal way for clients to communicate with you and your team remotely. Clients can onboard, sign service agreements, upload and download documents, track tasks and service progress, edit documents, review and sign contracts with unlimited e-signatures, ask and answer questions, and much more.  



Streamline Your Document Sharing with ShareFile for Legal 


Build efficiency into your services by streamlining client communication, file sharing, and document review. ShareFile for Legal, an easy-to-use online document sharing solution, helps improve security and productivity so you can focus on your clients.   



Get Started with ShareFile for Legal today.