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Share documents online and get more done

Increasingly, businesses bring flexibility to their workforce through remote working. Remote work brings many benefits to employee health and wellbeing but without the necessary tools, they can quickly become detached from office-based team members.

ShareFile’s mobility features act as the bridge between remote workers and the home office. Our secure document sharing gives workers access to the files they need wherever they are, without compromising on security.

Collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere, any device

No matter where your employees are working, productivity is a priority. With ShareFile’s document sharing, no productivity is lost.

ShareFile’s software for sharing documents allows teams to collaborate and comment on documents from Office 365, directly adding notes and comments to documents online. Instant notifications keep every stakeholder in the loop, and one-click approval requests make signing off and sharing documents online a breeze.

Using the content tools, simply make edits as they occur in the cloud. Each user can access the files they need wherever they are and on any device.

ShareFile’s document sharing streamlines content creation and collaboration process.

Securely share with colleagues and clients

With ShareFile, permissions are completely flexible, meaning you can choose who views and edits a document.

Secure sharing is done in just a couple of clicks, with a choice of email or secure link. You can control who accesses the document and add security measures (such as encryption, log-in requirements and expiry dates).

You can trust ShareFile’s document sharing tools when sending confidential documents. File sync is secured with TLS encryption protocols, while in-storage uses up to AES 256 -bit encryption, depending on the browser. When clients send documents back, they don’t need to be ShareFile customers to benefit. Thanks to a secure upload link, files you receive benefit from the same level of security.

File size can be a considerable barrier when sharing documents online, particularly when sending several at once. With ShareFile, send large files up to 100 GB at once through a secure link. Thanks to these secure links, you won’t be sending and receiving huge files.

Customize your workflow to boost productivity

Customizable workflows are central to ShareFile’s document sharing. When working with numerous stakeholders internally or externally, achieving sign-off can be a complicated tangle of different collaborators.

With customizable workflows, align sign-off process with existing organizational systems. Before sharing a document, add recipient emails, a due date, and the nature of your feedback. You can also create an order with which recipients receive the file, allowing the document to work through you or your client’s relevant stakeholder hierarchy.

Legally binding documents don’t require print-off and re-scans either. Contracts, NDAs, or anything that requires a signature is covered with our e-signature system, allowing you to gain the legally binding signatures you need without physical copies.

Integrate with the tools you use everyday

ShareFile’s document sharing tools work with your existing software, making adopting our tools a seamless, stress-free process.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365 integration, you’ll immediately be familiar with how to edit and expand team documents. With multiple co-editors, your team can simultaneously work on improving a document in a single session.

When sharing business communications of any kind, email is a go-to platform. ShareFile’s software for sharing documents works with many platforms. Our Microsoft Outlook and Gmail plugins allow you to securely share large documents on your chosen email platform.

When it comes to accessing your files, any device will do. For laptop and desktop use, our system works on both Windows and MacOS. When heading out of the office, switch to our purpose-built mobile apps. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, Citrix Files for Android and Mac brings you the benefits of secure document sharing wherever you are.

Flexible plans to suit your business

ShareFile’s document sharing features come as part of a comprehensive package that house your company data securely in the cloud.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have numerous teams collaborating on important business documents every day, we have a plan that suits your needs.

Starting at 100GB, select a level of storage and body of features that’s right for your business. All our plans come with a 30-day free trial, giving you the chance to get to know our products before you commit.

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Features of document sharing with sharefile

Truly flexible access to important business documents. Desktop, laptop, or mobile. In-office or out of office. ShareFile allows you to browse, edit and share documents online wherever you are, whenever you want and with whomever you need.

ShareFile prides itself on security. Using bank-level encryption, you have peace of mind that your documents are safe both in the cloud and when sharing with stakeholders. Even with emails, our Citrix Files for Outlook works to encrypt messages and convert attachments to secure ShareFile links.

ShareFile allows seamless, simple setup and use. If you do have any problems, our dedicated team can onboard you with live training sessions and fast phone and email support.

Share documents online

Confidential documents
Your business data is important. With ShareFile, trust that sharing private, business-related documents is done on a platform that prioritizes security. User permissions, custom workflows, and individual logins to ensure only access is given only to those who need it.

Legally-binding documents
ShareFile is the platform your business needs to share and sign legally-sensitive documents. Use our e-signatures system to get legally binding signatures to important documents, saving countless hours chasing sign-off.

Large office documents
Sending and receiving files can be cumbersome, but ShareFile’s secure links make sharing large or multiple documents a breeze. Send up to 100 GB at a time and remove your reliance on slow, restricted email.

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