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Cloud storage technology has long surpassed the point of being a business buzzword. Once an emerging technology, cloud document storage and file sharing are now a day-to-day part of business, from small startups to big multi-departmental enterprises. Saving you time, streamlining work process, and enhancing collaboration, cloud computing launches productivity into the digital age.

Data security with cloud document storage

Cloud storage is an important innovation to businesses of all sizes. Development in the technology has led to increased data security, more reliable access to important files, and huge savings in time and money.

What is cloud storage and file sharing? Traditionally, businesses of all sizes and industries would store important files on a server that they housed and operated themselves. Cloud document storage solutions like ShareFile allow your business to store important files on secure servers you can access wherever and whenever you are online. A vital part of the digital revolution, housing your company data in the cloud brings with it a suite of benefits which can have profound effects for your business.

A secure, reliable way to access important files

Data security is paramount to any business. The costs of neglecting your data can be dramatic, both financially and reputationally. Breaches affect your business’ potential to attract new customers, decreases existing customer trust, and brings with it a need for more stringent reputation management of your business.

ShareFile cloud storage can improve the integrity of your data security by ensuring that all your important files are protected by our world-class SSAE 16 Type II accredited datacenters with up to 256-bit encryption. Our reputation is built upon the most stringent, bank-level security measures, putting you in control of your data.

Tiered permissions give you total authority on who has access to which files, and secure links allow you to share large files with internal and external stakeholders. Plus, our security features work with the tools you use every day. With our Microsoft Outlook plugin, you can share large files via email without compromising on security.  

Cloud storage can also help make your data more reliable, because you don't ever have to worry about it going down. When your business manages its own server, if something breaks, it could be days or weeks before you are able to fix it, preventing you from accessing important files. ShareFile offers unparalleled uptime and reliability, so you can be sure your data will be there whenever you need it.

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Work remotely? Cloud document storage makes it easy

With the proliferation of internet-connected devices, today's professionals are mobile. The modern worker wants to check emails on their phone in the morning, edit spreadsheets on the plane, or work from home if they need to let the electrician in. This kind of flexibility is made easy with cloud document storage - anyone in your business who needs it can easily access their files and get their work done from anywhere, without compromising on security.

Your employees need access to their documents wherever they are, and ShareFile’s cloud storage and file sharing has been built to meet their needs on a variety of platforms. Desktop and laptop access is available through your chosen web browser, and mobile use is made easy via our apps. Available on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, sharing your business files can be done wherever and whenever you like.

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Take the stress out of team collaboration

By using ShareFile’s cloud storage and file sharing, you trust the experts to manage the nitty gritty details of storing and protecting your files, so you can focus on the things your business does well. Let cloud storage save your business money and keep the distractions to a minimum.

And cloud storage is just the beginning. ShareFile makes it easy to get files to the cloud with desktop file sync, from there you can securely transfer files to clients and colleagues, send encrypted email messages or even create a custom branded client portal to let them access important documents from anywhere. See why thousands of businesses around the world use ShareFile.

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Features of cloud storage with sharefile

Desktop or laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Whatever device you choose, employees can access company their cloud document storage no matter their location.

Bank-level security gives you peace of mind that you’re completely safe when sharing files, whether you’re collaborating with those inside or outside your organization.

Set up with ShareFile’s intuitive cloud storage is simple. Contact our dedicated support staff, or browse our extensive video guides, to make onboarding with us even easier.

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ShareFile gave us security that met client requirements. User experience is everything. Integrating with ShareFile has made things very simple for the end user.
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