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Secure Digital Workspaces: Better Together with ShareFile and Microsoft

Five ways ShareFile adds value to Microsoft

The impact of the Microsoft and Citrix partnership is undeniable with over 230,000 joint customers and tens of millions of users that rely on a joint solution every day.

ShareFile serves as a complement to the existing Microsoft infrastructure, further extending the value of Office and Office 365 subscriptions and further leveraging Azure investments. No wonder companies want to maximize their investment with Citrix and ShareFile. With that background in mind, here is how ShareFile can add value your Microsoft investment:

Connect to data, wherever it is stored, any time, any place, on any device

Access to content in the cloud or on-prem

Organizations have the flexibility to choose where their data is stored on-premises, on their Azure cloud or a combination of both to meet their specific needs for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and costs with ShareFile's innovative StorageZones.

StorageZone Connectors

ShareFile serves as a "single pane of glass" for multiple storage repositories, and delivers value for content stored within ShareFile, as well as outside of ShareFile via StorageZone Connectors that allow users to connect to network shares, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and personal cloud connectors, extending connectivity to all your digital sharing and collaboration tools. ShareFile is built with connectors that allow users to have a single point of access to all data sources including networks drives, OneDrive, SharePoint, as well as personal cloud repositories.

Microsoft Exchange Connector

In addition to StorageZone Connectors, ShareFile offers a Connector to Microsoft Exchange. Unique to ShareFile, customers using the ShareFile Exchange Connector can download and share attachments via email using Microsoft Exchange. Users now have the ability to easily access, download, and share those files just as they do with files from other data sources using ShareFile as a single pane of glass.

Providing additional layers of security

Secure by design

ShareFile understands the challenges in balancing security and user experience. Our vision is to enable additional security automation based on data and its context like user, device, location, operations and other relevant data within the Microsoft product and cloud environments.

Multilayer Security

Granular controls protect encrypted data at rest (with AES), in transit (with SSL), and during access and use.

Information Rights Management (IRM)

The authentication process follows the file itself, ensuring secure access to sensitive content only by intended recipients.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP helps organizations enforce regulated industry requirements, company governance policies, and security parameters for audit reporting and compliance.


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