Elevate Your Cybersecurity Game

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It’s hard to keep security top-of-mind in a fast-paced working environment, espeically as threats continue to evolve. But you can get back to feeling secure with help from this audit. It will help you determine where you may need to tweak your processes to securely exchange confidential files and information. 


•  Learn the cyber threat landscape and why traditional safety features can fail


•  Discover actionable tips to secure your files, devices, and exchanges 


•  Use your score to guage the effectiveness of your solution and practices 



Here’s why strong security isn’t enough


Today’s cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever before. A 2022 study found that phishing campaigns – attempts to trick professionals into downloading malware or giving away sensitive information – increased 61% from the previous year. 


With the rapid adoption of cloud-based services, professionals have become more comfortable downloading and using outside applications without informing their IT departments. While they don’t mean to do any harm with this practice, known as Shadow IT, they end up bypassing security measures and putting corporate and client information in jeopardy. 


People working in fields that deal with clients’ personal data and information are often under pressure to get things done quickly without timeconsuming protocols standing in their way. Adding an extra step or layer to their security processes can feel too overwhelming to consider.


With the help of this security audit, you can quickly fill any gaps in your workflow to make your processes more secure.