Increase Workflow Efficiency

Benefit from greater ease and efficiency with automated workflows.

Automated Workflows

With this workflow builder, streamline common or repetitive processes, including processes that need to be tailored for external users or clients. Automating time-intensive workflows can save time and reduce errors.

Simply choose the steps in your workflow and select the trigger action, like an e-signature or file upload. Within your workflow library, you can quickly and easily view the status and run history of each flow created, providing complete visibility and management.

Accelerated Agreements

Start client onboarding off strong with a seamless, organized workflow to collect signature agreements, like NDAs or service agreements, with legally enforceable e-signatures. This ready-to-use workflow can be deployed in just a few clicks and delivers clients with an accelerated, automated onboarding experience while reducing tedious admin work. 

3rd party integrations

Make work flow even faster by auto-filling documents with data from third parties, like QuickBooks and Salesforce. This not only eliminates the risk of human error, but it also saves you and your clients from filling in the same information over and over again.

Lean more

Feedback & Approval Workflows

Avoid the back-and-forth edits on documents and enable a simple streamlined workflow to collect feedback or approval. Simply select your reviewers and specify a due date before launching the workflow. You’ll see who has skipped, submitted, or is in the process of giving feedback, plus you can respond to feedback with document comments before marking the flow complete.

Form Workflows

Form workflows allow you to create and deploy forms digitally, offering clients a single, secure method for sharing sensitive information. Using a digitalized form request process also helps firms easily organize collected information to quickly follow up or move to the next step.

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