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Customized workflow management allows you to work smarter, not harder

Sometimes the easiest way to get work done is also the best. For example, imagine your company has a standard policy that requires all expense reports to be approved by both a manager and the finance department. The process of filing each stage of paperwork, then notifying the next person in charge of approval, and finally notifying the requestor of the outcome, could take over a dozen steps if each process needs to be completed manually. However, some of these steps always follow in an exact order, which means they can be connected to one another and automated. With an intelligent workflow in place to simplify these connected tasks, your business can file and process expense reports more quickly - and at less cost.

It might seem like an easy decision to simplify your workflow management for these sorts of common tasks, but implementation can be difficult. That's why Citrix ShareFile Professional Services offers direct, personalized workflow design so you can use our professional-grade file sharing software to its fullest potential.

Finish your routine tasks at the click of a mouse

Similar to the example above of expense reports, many of the documents you use most frequently at your job follow predictable paths through your company. ShareFile can help manage those workflows by automatically connecting each document to the client or team member that needs to use it next. You might not even know what to do with all the time you'll save.

Get personalized workflows designed for your business

Don't know where to start? No problem. Get in touch with the ShareFile Customer Care team and we'll listen to your company's needs and work with you to create an automated workflow that fits your organization. Once the workflow is in place, it's easy for your team to use, every time.

Workflow management can save you time and money

How much time does your organization spend dealing with mundane paperwork tasks like making and distributing copies, forwarding emails, and getting documents signed? How much of this time could be better spent servicing more clients and bringing more revenue into your business? By adopting better workflow management, you can get rid of the worst part of your work day and grow your business at the same time.

The ShareFile suite of workflow system solutions allows your business to work more efficiently by offering secure file storage, remote access to files, online collaboration, and electronic signature capabilities. Start working smarter today with a free trial!

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