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Use a virtual data room to easily control, share and track your most secure documents.

Sometimes you need more control over you data - when you’re managing M&A, due diligence, real estate and legal transactions or fundraising, for example - so you need advanced security and reporting features.


Here are the top-of-the-line security features of ShareFile Virtual Data Room, all of which come standard with every ShareFile VDR plan:

1. View-only Permission

To ensure complete control of your data, you can grant view-only access with dynamic watermarking. ShareFile VDR’s proprietary viewer allows you to grant print access to your documents with robust user tracking.

2. Dynamic Watermarking

For users with view-only permissions, you can specify a dynamic watermark that can include their email address, name, IP address and any custom information. This watermark will overlay all the documents they view, discouraging unauthorized distribution.

3. VDR Analytics

Quickly view your reports and usage in a single, easy-to-read snapshot. View logs of most active users, most viewed files, longest viewed files and recent searches.

4. Audit Logs

All activity on your account is saved to an audit log. The audit log records user activities including day, time, IP address, location and more.

5. Click Trails

Click trail reporting allows you to review individual login sessions for even greater insight into how your data is being accessed. You can use this feature to see what a user opened in greater detail including how long they reviewed a given folder or viewed a file.

6. Granular User Access

You can set user and group access on a folder-by-folder level, ensuring that users only view the specific files that you select.

7. Non Disclosure Agreement

While our company policies protect the confidentiality of your data, ShareFile maintains a standardized NDA that can be signed upon request to provide further assurance of our commitment to keeping your data safe.

8. Scheduled Reports

All reports may be set to run at regular intervals to create a complete record of activity and access throughout the life of your account. Optional email notifications are available to alert you when new reports have been run and are available for download.


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