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When you need a virtual data room for a complex business deal, you probably don’t have the time to worry about having systems that work. With ShareFile Virtual Data Room, you get a solution that’s simple to use for both you, your clients and any other third parties.

Here are some of the features of ShareFile VDR that make it the easiest to use virtual data room solution around:

1. No Hassle Pricing

We keep pricing simple. There are no per-page pricing and no limits on users or data rooms that you can create. We give you a simple, flat price so you can focus on your deal.

2. Simple User Management

Your data room features flexible folder access permissions so that you can create and edit permissions on a per-user, per-folder basis. We also offer easy tools to manage users in bulk. You can import users from a spreadsheet and create groups to assign folder permissions all at once.

3. Bulk Upload and Download

Among virtual data room providers, ShareFile VDR’s file transfer tools are unmatched. You can drag and drop multiple files or entire folder structures into your data room. And you can download entire rooms or folders in a single click.

4. Question and Answer Section

When questions arise about the content of your data room, users can submit questions to you directly through Q&A. The private and public questions and answers section makes communication faster, easier and more secure than regular email.

5. Full Text Search

Within ShareFile VDR, you can search for documents and folders by name, keyword or full text. ShareFile allows you narrow down results based on who uploaded files, date uploaded, file name and more.

6. ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Standard email attachments, while convenient, transmit data in clear text for anyone to see. For one-time, secure transfer of files through email, our plugin for Microsoft Outlook is the perfect solution. Just click a button on your outgoing message to send files securely via ShareFile VDR instead of attaching them to your email. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to use ShareFile VDR’s reporting and download notification features to track when recipients download your attachments, so you will know they have received your files.

7. Email Alerts

You can set email alerts for downloads or views on a folder so that you get immediate notification of activity on your account. And you can enable upload alerts for users so that they will know as soon as you update documents or place new files in your data room.

8. 24/7 Availability

ShareFile has a track record of 99.9% uptime so you can rest assured you and your clients will have access to your accounts anytime, anywhere.

9. No Training Required

When we provide a demo of our virtual data room solution, a common reaction (especially from users who have experienced other data rooms in past deals) is that the system is extremely clean and straightforward.

10. ShareFile Sync

ShareFile Sync makes transferring and updating documents with your data room as efficient as possible. This Mac and Windows compatible tool allows you to designate folders on your ShareFile VDR account and folders on your local computer to synchronize with each other. When you edit a file in one of your synced folders on your local computer, Sync will detect the update and automatically upload a new copy of the file to your ShareFile account so that your users will be able to download or view the newest version.

11. ShareFile Desktop App

ShareFile Desktop App lets you upload folder structures and download, share or request files right from your desktop, without having to have any data on your local device. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes using your VDR account simple.

12. DVD Backup

When your deal is over, ShareFile’s physical backup service can create and mail you a DVD or hard drive copy of your data room contents for archiving purposes.

13. API Automation

ShareFile VDR offers REST API interface for companies looking to automate aspects of their data room such as file transfer, user creation, management and folder creation.

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