SlideStream FAQs

SlideStream is a new app for presenting slides with ease with the Apple Watch and iPhone. Simply tap the watch on your wrist and you’ll control the slides of your presentations. SlideStream eliminates the need for “clickers” or complicated, unreliable wiring setups. It allows you, and your audience, to focus on your presentation and content, not the technology.

SlideStream is the perfect solution for any highly mobile user, who desires a way to simplify the experience and reduce the clutter involved in giving presentations. Examples of this user include: Business Executives, Sales Professionals, Consultants, Trainers, and Educators.

SlideStream offers users the ability to control presentations without disrupting the presentation experience for their audience.

With SlideStream, a user can launch a presentation on their mobile phone or tablet and share it on a monitor.

Users can choose to connect their device in a traditional way, over a cable, or users can do so wirelessly in any Wi-Fi enabled environment.

SlideStream also pairs with the Apple Watch, delivering the option for users to navigate their presentation by using the Apple Watch instead of a traditional clicker.

See below for detailed instructions.

SlideStream is a free app and service.

SlideStream is most beneficial when users combine the benefits of cloud storage with the power of mobile devices.

  • Cloud storage - SlideStream connects to a variety of cloud storage providers (ShareFile, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.), empowering the user to grab the files they need from anywhere.
  • Apple Watch - We’re using tech to make tech disappear. You can focus on your audience and presentation - no need to be fuddling with technology. Pairing Users can present quickly and confidently wherever they are.

By leveraging cloud storage and an Apple Watch the user can present anywhere and anytime. SlideStream is an app focusing on the user, effortlessly connecting with the devices they own, so that users can spend more time connecting with their audience.

SlideStream is publically available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad, though Apple Watch only pairs with iPhone.

SlideStream users have access to a free ShareFile account with 1GB of cloud storage.

Once downloaded onto a mobile phone or tablet, a user can launch the app to view presentations stored on the device or within their cloud storage.

SlideStream users can also share presentations from their mobile device to a monitor wirelessly through a Wi-Fi enabled digital media source (i.e. Apple TV) with AirPlay, or by using a cable. Airplay setup eliminates the need for additional wires and devices when delivering a presentation.

If an Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone, the user can remotely control phone-launched presentations by swiping across the watch face.