Access and control presentations on the go 24/7 with SlideStream.

SlideStream is the free, simple, mobile, efficient way to access presentations stored in the cloud using your iPhone. It also lets you navigate presentations by swiping your iPhone or even the Apple Watch -- no clicker needed.

Simple to use.

Launch SlideStream on your iPhone to access presentations, connect your iPhone to the display screen and advance slides by swiping your iPhone or Apple Watch. That's all you need to do to better connect with your audience and present confidently without wasting valuable time.

Anywhere access.

With SlideStream, you can show a presentation anywhere 24/7 because it accesses presentation files from cloud-based file-sharing storage systems such as ShareFile and allows navigation from your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can ditch having to bring and set up a laptop and clicker.

Mobile device integration.

Coordinate the tools you have with SlideStream for a smooth presentation process. Connect your iPhone and Apple Watch to a monitor through a Wi-Fi enabled digital media source (i.e. Apple TV) with AirPlay, and you have no wires needed during your presentation.

Free enterprise solution.

Backed by Citrix, an international company which empowers new ways to work better and live better, SlideStream is a free app and service that meets the needs of today's professionals. End the hassle of clutter and lengthy setup for presentations with support from a proven provider of innovation.

Get started today with SlideStream

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