Citrix Analytics for Security

Gain the visibility you need from security analytics to guard sensitive data.  

Stop threats from disrupting your business 

A ransomware attack can bring business to a stop in a matter of days. With Security Analytics for ShareFile, you can detect and stop threats before they disrupt operations or compromise sensitive data. Running in the background, the solution correlates data from different perspectives to deliver a unified view, generate insights, and tell you what actions to take to avert a breach. Behavioral analytics detect and mitigate threats from both outsiders and malicious trusted internal users, while drill-down reports flag high-risk users to help you enforce security policies and best practices.

Preemptive monitoring and control 

Detect security events before they happen by monitoring user activity 24x7x365. Custom alerts support policies like geofencing to control where and how users can access specific data. Use automated policy enforcement to take action as soon as threats are detected – restrict access, lockout users, add to watchlists, and more.

Holistic dashboard 

View and sort users by their security score to see whose behavior poses high, medium, or low risk. User sensitivity profiles based on directory, permissions, organization, and activity enable a granular approach to risk. Automatic alerts notify admins of behaviors posing an unacceptable risk, with drill-down detail to view risk indicator details and a timeline of the activities causing the risk. 

Custom risk indicators

Define the types of activities used to calculate each user’s risk score or trigger alerts based on the nature of your data, business, and users. Custom indicators can include unusual sign-in activity, excessive access to sensitive files, data exfiltration, and other risky user behavior. 

Preemptive actions

Minimize the potential impact of risky user behavior by taking actions such as locking accounts, logging users out, quarantining users, or reverting to earlier versions of documents as needed.

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