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How to Zip Files and Folders on a Mac

Presentation is always important, even when transferring files and sending compact, organized information. Using a compression method to package files and folders is a useful tool in work and daily life. Learning how to zip and unzip files and folders on a Mac is easy, but you need more to handle large files.

While there are several free or low-cost third-party compression apps available for zipping files on a Mac, the most convenient is an app called Archive Utility that is automatically included among the operating system’s core services. In an article for About Tech, Mac expert Tom Nelson breaks down the basics you should know for zipping and unzipping files.

The basics of zipping a file or folder

    1. Find the file or folder you wish to zip up in your Finder window or on your desktop.

    2. Right-click the item and select Compress from the pop-up menu.

    3. The Archive Utility will zip the selected file or folder. A progress bar will appear while the compression occurs.

    4. The original file or folder will be left intact, while the compressed version will appear with a .zip appended to its name in the same location as the original.

Zipping multiple files or folders is pretty much the same, but there are a couple of differences.

    1. Pull up the files or folders you want to zip up in your Finder window or on your desktop.

    2. Select the items you want to include in the zip file. You can command click to select non-adjacent items.

    3. Right-click on any item and select Compress from the pop-up menu. Once again, a progress bar will appear.

    4. Once that finishes, the items will be stored in a file called, which will appear in the same location as the originals.

    5. Each time you create a new file, a number will be added after Archive in ascending order, e.g.,, Archive, Archive and so on.

But zipping a file or folder doesn’t guarantee the item will be compressed to small enough to be uploaded to a site or shared via normal email. This means you’re still left without a solution for how to actually send it.

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Simplify your workflow and eliminate the need for zipping

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