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WorkSite Organizer for Citrix ShareFile

WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile was created by DocAuto to incorporate the unique properties of WorkSite and ShareFile to provide an integrated system for sending, receiving and storing files securely.

As an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite, you can quickly exchange iManage documents with ShareFile. Browse, upload and send WorkSite documents to ShareFile in any documents view from DeskSite, FileSite or iManage integration dialogs. Then, easily send links to ShareFile files or folders directly through Microsoft Outlook, or simple copy links from ShareFile to send from another email provider.

Integrate seamlessly with ShareFile browser

  • Browse, upload and send WorkSite documents to ShareFile from any document view in DeskSite, FileSite or iManage integration dialogs.
  • Add, edit or delete ShareFile folders quickly from within DeskSite or FileSite.
  • Edit details of files uploaded to ShareFile through the Edit Document Properties dialog.
  • View WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile within the dialogs used to access WorkSite from other applications, such as Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel and more.

Use one-click operations

  • Create email messages containing ShareFile links.
  • Upload WorkSite documents to ShareFile.
  • Download any shared content from ShareFile into WorkSite as a new document or version of an existing document.

Manage settings and security features

  • Install and manage settings quickly through Group Policies.
  • Browse and modify ShareFile setting through DeskSite or FileSite.
  • Require recipients to enter name and email address to access ShareFile documents.
  • Set shared links to expire at a predetermined time.
  • Notify sender when ShareFile links are accessed.
  • Track upload connections between ShareFile and WorkSite files.