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Why Better Collaboration Means More Success For Engineers

Engineering firms rely on team members to ensure that every component they handle and provide is in the best functioning condition, including managing and transferring very large files efficiently so they can better collaborate and meet deadlines. There’s a simple, economical solution from a trustworthy, engaged provider of data storage and sharing that can dramatically improve this challenge for engineering firms of all sizes.

Key takeaways:

• Knowing how to quickly and easily send and store large files creates a distinct competitive advantage for engineering firms.

• Having a more efficient way to share documents inside and outside the office allows for more time spent on consulting and projects and less on sending files.

• Engineers who can create an entire project folder structure at once enhance their ability to work with architects, clients and others.

Share data more efficiently and quickly

A simple, secure solution for sending files

Engineering firms that are expert on making things work efficiently need to be similar leader when comes to accessing, transferring and storing their very large files if they really want to meet deadlines faster and save time and money. Eliminate the uncertainties and delays of sharing large project files with Citrix ShareFile, which will in turn simplify and streamline your submittal process and project operations.

Key takeaways:

• Encountering bouncebacks of documents too large for standard emails and breaking down documents into smaller files and waiting for them to transfer are hassles that can be bypassed simply.

• The Citrix ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook makes emailing large files simple, enabling you to send and receive folders and files up to 100 GB in size securely right from your inbox with just a few clicks.

• Downloading the Citrix ShareFile mobile app for use anywhere 24/7 lets you and your team securely view specifications in the field and share files on any device.

Raise your reputation with clients and colleagues

A better, quicker way to collaborate

When you introduce a tool that is simple to implement and use among members of your engineering team, it increases better collaboration with architects, clients and more. Making Citrix ShareFile part of your firm’s operating systems provides you and your engineers a reliable, cost-effective solution that generates better teamwork and improves your speed of service in the process.

Key takeaways:

• Having a central storage area to track and compile documents for an electronic submittal process wins new deals quicker and earns you a LEED point for your projects.

File Sync with Citrix ShareFile lets you instantly update project models and access the latest plans, specifications and submittals and see who else did so and when.

• Cloud storage with Citrix ShareFile is unlimited, allowing engineers and their clients to save as many files, forms and documents as desired.


“The biggest benefit of ShareFile is how easy it is to send a file or send a request for a file. It has made my work so much more efficient.”

-Stacie Phillips, Traffic Engineer, Kimley-Horn and Associates

Why ShareFile?

Security that supports compliance —

ShareFile has more than 25 customizable security settings and high-grade data encryption. You can give employees and clients access to only the files you want them to see.

Simplicity and ease of use —

No matter whether your business employs 1 or 1,000, ShareFile offers unlimited live training sessions and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients.

Built for business —

ShareFile provides industry-specific solutions for business workflows. It integrates conveniently with email, desktop and mobile tools to add security and easy file sharing for you.

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