Why Automation Will Make People, not Machines, Invaluable to Business.

Insights on the human factor and techfrom bestselling author Geoff Colvin.

Geoff Colvin
Geoff Colvin is a speaker, leadership and achievement expert, and the bestselling author of Humans Are Underrated and Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates Top Performers from Everybody Else. He is also a Senior Editor At Large for Fortune Magazine and a daily commentator for CBS Radio.

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What can humans do better than computers?

Empathy, collaboration, communication, creativity, and storytelling. These five “deep human skills” are the keys to success in the age of technology — and they’re hard-wired into the human brain. However, just because we can all access them doesn’t mean we all have those talents. These are the assets major employers value the most, but to properly utilize them, you must learn how to recognize, train, and develop those skills — in yourself and in your team.

If this sounds unorthodox, know that top business schools, successful companies, healthcare organizations, and even the U.S. military are leaders in training these skills.

Make a priority to constantly push yourself and your employees just beyond your current abilities. Encourage creativity and storytelling activities frequently with regular feedback.

Try asking everyone on your team to have lunch or coffee next week with someone they hardly ever talk to, then bring back insights and ideas to the rest of the team.

With the right preparation, your business should view automation as an opportunity—not a problem.

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