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What Not to Share

Key takeaways:

• Avoid cumbersome file size restrictions when sharing files with standard emails. The Citrix ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook makes emailing large files simple, enabling you to send and receive folders and files up to 100 GB in size securely right from your inbox with just a few clicks.

• A Windows FTP client requires multiple steps to launch and use it. And it comes with a handful of typical errors that hinder your ability to do your work. ShareFile is an FTP alternative that offers the benefits of FTP software coupled with a myriad of other advantages not available in those open-source offers.

• Using the easiest, cheapest solution, or no solution at all for protecting data can end up costing your company big. Secure file sharing with ShareFile keeps your data secure in storage and during transfers. Get support for your compliance with regulations and guidelines that can affect your industry, including HIPAA, HITECT, FINRA, CFPB, and bar association rules and ethics.

• Junky or unorganized data can cost your company dearly. File Sync with ShareFile means you and your colleagues can store and share everything from one simple, secure location. Plus, you'll know that you're always working on one document that has the most accurate, updated versions of the file.