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"Watson CPA Group Supports the Tax Needs of 2,000 Clients with Citrix ShareFile"

“Our clients really enjoy ShareFile. When we tell them they can access their information 24/7, on any day of the year, they immediately love it.”

Jason Watson, senior business consultant

Watson CPA Group


Colorado Springs, Colo.

Number of Employees

Business Challenges
• Sending and receiving documents through email was not secure.
• Clients could not access documents without assistance.
• Clients had to submit forms in person or via fax.

Business Results
• Clients like the ease of uploading files through the website.
• Clients have anytime access to folders and documents through ShareFile.
• ShareFile API makes it possible to submit forms through the website.


The Watson CPA Group began using ShareFile after realizing that email was not an efficient or secure way of sending information to and from clients. The firm could not send large email attachments, and accountants wanted a more secure way to handle sensitive documents.

“Our clients really enjoy ShareFile,” says Jason Watson, senior business consultant at Watson CPA Group. “When we tell them they can access their information 24/7, on any day of the year, they immediately love it.”

ShareFile Desktop Sync allowed the firm to go paperless. Because Watson CPA Group keeps everything in the cloud and gives clients access to their individual folders, no paper records are needed. Plus, with File Sync, you'll know that you're always working on one document that has the most accurate, updated versions of the file.

“We give ShareFile access to each individual client,” Watson says. “Many of our clients really enjoy creating their own structure within their client folder.”

Watson CPA Group also used ShareFile API to create online submission forms, reducing their reliance on paperwork even more. The API tools allowed the firm to integrate its ShareFile account into an application on the website that makes it easy for clients to submit forms such as contact information, tax questionnaires and expense reports.

“We have a folder off our root directory called ‘submits,’” says Watson. “It’s great because our clients are not only able to only send files, they are able to complete forms that are sent with SSL encryption.”

When a client fills out a form online, a text file is created and securely uploaded to ShareFile via FTPS. The form is then moved to the client’s folder so they have access to a final version as well.

See how ShareFile improves file sharing for accountants of all sizes. Try it free for 30 days!

“ShareFile does a great job for us; we’re very satisfied."