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The Price Is Right: Virtual Data Room Episode

When evaluating the pricing of a virtual data room, you should consider the same variables as any other purchase. Take the $4 you spent on milk the other day. That was for one gallon, of 2% variety, in the brand you prefer and an expiration date in two weeks. Whether you considered those elements or not, they were all factored into the price — and your decision to buy.

Pricing for virtual data rooms (VDRs) is no different. Before you get caught up in the sheer dollar amount, consider the variables. As an example, let’s use the VDR from Citrix ShareFile and its starting price of $295 per month.

VDR pricing: The X factors

What factors affect the pricing of a VDR?

How is it priced?

VDRs typically price per page or per megabyte, blurring exactly how much you get. The offer from ShareFile is a flat fee, eliminating hidden costs or surprise charges.

What’s included?

Many VDRs advertise a price that includes just the basics, and any features to make the service worthwhile will cost you extra. Included in the starting price from ShareFile are:

● Unlimited 24/7 support

● Detailed tracking and audit logs

● Custom portal design

● Access from any browser

● Individual and group permissions

How many users have access?

Another thing to question is how many users are included in the price. A great deal isn’t one if it only grants access to one person when you need to include several people on the account. The VDR pricing ShareFile offers allows for unlimited rooms and client users.

How flexible is the pricing?

Those dollar amounts surrounding VDRs often come with restrictions, terms and conditions that can hinder your budget more than you think. The pricing plan offered by ShareFile has options for annual or quarterly billing and accepts all major credit cards. Customers can opt for invoice billing should they choose not to use a credit card.

Last but certainly not least, consider what kind of a return you’ll get on your VDR investment.

What’s the best part of the ShareFile VDR pricing structure? It’s free for 14 days with a no-obligation trial. You can’t even find that in a gallon of milk, so try it today!